SP: Instanet! No Frills Prepaid Broadband from Celcom

Typically in a large company, facebook, youtube, twitter is blocked. They claimed its unproductive and clogs up the network. But think about it, every once in a while, you do need to rest your tired mind with some social stuff, like reading blogs etc. These 5 minute breaks can potentially drive better efficiency.

In other ways, I think it’s rather unfair for smokers where they have short ciggie breaks every hour as compared to non smokers who has no amusement other than playing Angry Birds

Introducing Instanet from Celcom!

SP: Instanet! No Frills Prepaid Broadband from Celcom 1 It’s a new prepaid broadband with no frills, same coverage as other Celcom internet plan, best of all, you only buy what you need! It’s like eating nasi campur as compared to a buffet meal. Plug-in the USB modem and off you go.

There are 3 methods for instanet;

  1. Instanet Daily for only RM5/day: For the occasional need to get online
  2. Instanet Weekly for only RM18/week: Ideal if you need Internet access several times a week
  3. Instanet Monthly for only RM50/month: Perfect for extended usage

SP: Instanet! No Frills Prepaid Broadband from Celcom 2

You can get your Instanet from Celcom Authorised Dealer nationwider.

I think I might need to get this too since my internet is very slow and my field of work requires a lot of reading. oh well, have fun!

ps: Watching Transformers 3, 3D tonight! Woot!

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