SP: HELLO MOOOLLAAAHH (actually Money)!

In my younger days (when school was over) I talked a lot on the phone, I realized I also burnt a hole in my pocket. I guess it’s expected, we’ve stayed under the same roof for 5 years, so having to spend a fortune to talk to familiar voice about girl problems is soothing if not calming. Guys in boarding schools are not gay, we have a brotherly affection towards one another.

Now that the telco game has changed and rate per min have been dropped by at least 50% since 10 years ago (OMG I’M OLD!). I might have to consider this old habit again. Best thing about it, Celcom is giving away cash prize of RM 50,000! How to join? Easy, just pick up your phone and call 5 of your friends and you will be awarded with a chance to win the prize money!

SP: HELLO MOOOLLAAAHH (actually Money)! 1

Every week, RM 50,000 will be given starting from 6th June to 3rd July.

SP: HELLO MOOOLLAAAHH (actually Money)! 2

There are 4 weeks altogether.

  • Week 1 , 6-12 June
  • Week 2, 13-19 June
  • Week 3, 20-26 June
  • Week 4, 27 June- 3 July

SP: HELLO MOOOLLAAAHH (actually Money)! 3

Now wouldn’t it be awesome if I won the RM 50k challenge? At least I could stop worrying about my wedding preparations and throw them in the air. Hahaha. Well, I guess I better start charging my phone, there’s a long list to dial!

I wonder what happens if I make more business calls, would I be able to close in more deals and also win RM50k? Ok that’s pushing it.

ps: Moolaaahhh means money, urban dictionary said so.

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