SP: Celcom Launching Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 This Weekend

And so the battle of the tablet begins (not that it hasn’t started yet). Celcom will start launching their prized horse this weekend on Saturday 20th Aug and Sunday at Piazza, The Curve.

If you ask me, iPad or Galaxy tab? I’d go for tab, not because I’m being paid to write about it. It’s because you get much better flexibility on Android platform rather than on iOS which is kinda limited. Gaming wise, I’d say most developer are starting to port iOS to Android and vice-versa.

As for the battery life, both performs about the same. I had the Galaxy tab for about 2 weeks and I’ve only charged it 4 times I think. Which is about the same as my iPad.

Browser, now you can’t argue with me on this. Safari on iPad sucks and it doesn’t play flash. Which also means you can’t view other video sites other than Youtube. Some housing developers also uses Flash to portray their designs etc. I actually had to get up from the bed and key in the link on my desktop, which actually defeats the purpose of owning a tablet. So yes, Android wins.

ps: I’ve got the invitation, but I reckon I’m too busy to shuffle between hands.

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