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SP: Behold the Samsung Galaxy SL!

SP: Behold the Samsung Galaxy SL! 1

I’ve been tasked by NuffNang to review a unit of Samsung Galaxy SL from Celcom.

First Impression

Samsung Galaxy SL is not meant to be an upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy S, but rather a substitute. Although it looks almost similar, the internal components are different than it’s older brother. Somehow I find it amusing, why a substitute and not an upgrade? I believe there’s just too many complains of its predecessor eventhough it’s running on 1Ghz Snapdragon processor.

This piece of machinery is very light, it could be because I’m so used to my HTC Desire Z. Despite being light, it’s very solid too. Its slender design adds as a bonus as it allows its user to carry it with them alongside a quick portable charger like ChargeHubGo which has been reviewed in-depth on quite easy. The screen is 4 inch Super LCD, which is somewhat inferior to AMOLED technology though this should not be held against it.

SP: Behold the Samsung Galaxy SL! 2

The screen is superbly vibrant and the contrast is just nice (unlike AMOLED), perfect for light reading before bed. However like most mobile phone, it’s very difficult to see under the sun. The layout of the apps is just like an iPhone. Typing is very pleasant as it comes with much improved SWYPE. With a 4 inch screen, it makes it pretty quick to write emails on the go but not as fast as dedicated keyboard (duh!).

It comes with Android Froyo 2.2.1 (the latest for stock ROM). The speed of Galaxy SL is much better than Galaxy S (my elder brother owns one). I tried installing a few games that comes as customary to mobile devices, the Angry Bird and Ninjump. Works well with no lag. If I were to shed light on its structural integrity, I must say Samsung never fails to deliver us devices with the best mechanical strength, which cope with immense amount of pressures. And if the structural integrity of devices is what fascinates you, then your interest in that could possibly be extrapolated to other devices, such as computers and their components. Among the very few, places like Https:// offer you military-grade machines built to withstand high temperatures and chalky air. You might find just what you are looking for, the rugged-style.

The Technical Spec

  • 4 inch Super LCD Screen
  • 2Gb Internal Storage (the review unit)
  • 2G/3G Capability
  • Capture HD Video (720p)
  • Bluetooth 3.0.

The Camera

SP: Behold the Samsung Galaxy SL! 3

If you’re familiar with Sony Sweep Panorama, the Samsung Galaxy SL can do it too! I find it freaking awesome! Check out my office balcony and my workstation.

SP: Behold the Samsung Galaxy SL! 4 SP: Behold the Samsung Galaxy SL! 5

Click to see the pictures.

Compare Against Google Nexus S

SP: Behold the Samsung Galaxy SL! 6

The Bad

It does not come with a dedicated camera button and flash, which is quite important for quick draw of camera and low light situation. It gets pretty hot when you charge (somehow most smartphones are like this) and running bad application (happens when using FourSquare). As for battery life, although it comes with 1650 mAh it only lasts 1 day. Charge at night, morning unplug, late evening charge again, the cycle repeats just like any Android phone.

The Verdict

If wedding wasn’t part of my year 2011 plan, I’ll definitely get rid of the HTC Desire Z and get this one as a substitute. Seriously it’s that good.

How to Get One?

Samsung Galaxy SL is only carried by Celcom. It gets better when it’s subsidized. Be the first 100 buyer and get RM 100 off! 🙂

You can register here.

  • All customers need to do is to register online via Celcom websites and the 1st 100 customers will be entitled to enjoy an additional RM100 discount on this new Samsung Galaxy SL PLUS  a FREE 8GB Micro SD card!
  • All customers have to do is to be the 1st 100 to register online with Celcom Exec. So log on to to register online TODAY!
  • Selected customers will be notified.
  • This promotion is open to new registrations only.
  • In addition to the RM100 discount, customers can also enjoy an additional 5% discount on their monthly bill every month with any major credit cards via auto-billing.

SP: Behold the Samsung Galaxy SL! 7

It’s just too bad I have to give this back to Celcom on Friday 🙁 How I wished they would let me keep it.

ps: Some friends thought I got an iPhone 3GS, have to admit it does look alike.

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I noticed they named all the Android lines with “Galaxy”.. what’s with the obsession of naming?

Seriously, it’s a damn good phone. It’ll be a tipping point if it has flash!

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