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Sorry is ALL I Can Say for Negaraku Buka Puasa

This goes to all attendees of Negaraku Buka Puasa. I’m sorry.


6.00 pm – Left the house. Took the wrong exit, made early birds wait. I’m sorry.

6.40 pm – Waived to a few known fellow blogger and showed them the way to the warong. Pointed the shop and left to fetch someone from LRT University. I’m sorry.

7.00 pm – Picked up a friend at LRT University. My poor direction wasted a few more minutes. I’m sorry.

7.10 pm – Arrived at the warong. Everyone was there. I’m late and I’m sorry.

7.15 pm – Was informed there was no table booked! As I recalled, Yam was there yesterday to reserve at least 20 seats and 6 chickens! Everyone was standing outside, grumpy looking bunch. I’m sorry.

7.16 pm – Confirmed. They gave the table away since we were late? Yam offered a deposit yesterday, but the shop refused. They say to come tomorrow and give the deposit. If we’re paying deposit on the same day, we might as well pay for the whole thing! I’m sorry.

7.17 pm – I walked back and forth, not knowing how to break the bad news. Might perceived me as someone irresponsible and snobbish for not introducing myself to everyone. I’m sorry.

7.23 pm – Break fast by the road side with everyone else. I felt ashamed and mad at the same time. Ashamed because I failed to get seats. Mad because the shop was an ass. 2 negative feelings at the time. Still I was being unfriendly because I do not want to unleash my negative side to everyone else. I’m sorry.

7.30 pm – Went to surau for Maghrib prayer. Everyone fled there too. Me feeling sorry.

7.45 pm – Came back from surau. Asked them to arrange 20 seats. They were pretty slow. I was still mad and ashamed. I socialized but still not too deep. I’m sorry.

7.50 pm – Everyone was scattered. I do not know where to sit. I wanted to be seated next to a complete stranger so I could socialize more but I fear that my common acquaintance would feel like I’m running away. Found an empty seat, coincidentally next to my friend. I’m sorry for not socializing and not being a good host.

8.15 pm – Food arrives. No more ayam golek, although the theme of the buka puasa was AYAM GOLEK. I’m sorry.

9.00 pm – Everyone’s done with eating and started chatting. I wanted to socialize, but seeing so many leftovers, I decided to wallop everything at sight *membazir itu amalan syaitan*. Once in a while, people called upon me and joked. Mouthful, I smiled or return a short line. I looked like I’m anti-socializing myself. I’m sorry.

9.30 pm – No more empty space in my tummy. Got up and socialized with one half.

9.45 pm – Got up, wanting to socialize with the other half. Everyone was about to leave. Darn. I’m such an unfriendly person! Sorry!

9.50 pm – The bill came. Deep shock.. was rather surprised. Felt ashamed. Some forked up extra to fit the bill. I’m sorry.

10.00 pm – Felt lousy because I’m such a terrible host.

10.01 pm – Everyone left.

The attendance was way beyond my expectation, 30 ++. With such a huge turn up, things were a little bit out of hands although I had life4hire and aeropama as my wing man.

It was a mixed feeling gathering. Frustration, laughters, fun, poking around, intellectual and getting out of that comfort zone. Despite all that, from deepest and bottom, down to my knees, I sincerely apologize for all the mishap and miss communications.

Since we didn’t get the ayam golek, I am proposing a second round on Merdeka day itself. This time, I’ll bloody make sure we get the table and Ayam Golek! If you’re coming, please, please please let me know by registering on this form. The result (please make sure you check, phone number hidden for security measure).

I know this is rather annoying, but again, I’m sorry.

Lastly, thank you for coming and spending your geeky times with us.

ps: I wanted to list all the attendees, but I fear I might get their names wrong. That’s a huge insult for me, I’m sure they’ll feel the same way too.

pss: The bill. Read it side ways. totalbill1.jpg

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

77 replies on “Sorry is ALL I Can Say for Negaraku Buka Puasa”

I WILL attend this time, InsyaAllah. Khairul, kita drive LRT sama-sama tau kali ni =) Gua tunggu lu kat BTS, haha

looks like the majority of the participants are boys
~ hmm….. x jadi la nk gi nmpak gaya nye…

p/s: cabaran ler tu… bukan senang nk socialize ngan orang yg kita x kenal…xpe… nnt bole improve lg.

congrat! that’s we call the experience. nothing value as that! πŸ˜‰

selama aku handle event, macam-macam perkara berlaku. dari handle event sebagai pengarah kelab/komuniti, kelab kereta, kelab boling dan commitee hinggalah kini menjadi penasihat kelab-kelab tersebut.

setiap event punyai keistimewaan yg tersendiri. byk orang byk ragamnya. kadang dah lantik ajk pun, takleh pakai hu3.

bagus eddie, cara ko cara kepimpinan yang betul. cun!

ps – dulu aku sering kena top up duit byr makan dan penginapan hu3. nasib baik ada kad kredit.

The problem was, yg register 18, yg dtg 30+ so of coz la tak cukup preperation. Yg plan nak dtg tu patut be considerate dgn organizers.

Anyway, it was a good gathering, tho tak dpt ayam golek πŸ˜› hehe

Siapa yg ada gambar dan dah update blog, sila letak link πŸ˜€

1. berapa banyak sorry da.. tapi atleast, aku
tabek jugak la sebab nkorang berjaya jugak
organized rather than nkorang kate..
“malam ni cansel gath..” lagi teruk kan..

2. Pasal bil tuh… erm.. kita ada dalam 30++ so, perjanjian pasal collection = RM20.00 that means = RM600++ ok.. no comment

3. Memang sedap la makan ikan tuh.. table aku cume aku 2 orang jer melantak ikan.. pergh.. depa tak mo kongsi dengan aku.. apa kan daya.. bak kate MK – Muke aku ganaz.. muahaha.. siot jer

4. Sebenarnya beb.. bab bayar duit ni.. orang tak berapa nak kesah sangat.. asalkan ending dia macam semalam.. happy giler.. kalau nko mintak RM50 pon aku bayar jer.. (memula tuh ade jugak la rase marah) series beb.. bulan pose.. lapar & cepat marah… then bila dah kenyang.. semua marah pon dah ilang.. sebab tuh aku ajak depa cool dulu pg jemaah kat surau.. haha..

5. Tahniah to:- NoktahHitam, Life4Hire & Aeropama. You’re rock!

Terima kasih banyak2 kepada penganjur.

Seronok jumpe korang semua, walaupun sy tak byk ckp. Tapi puas hati lah dpt jumpe semua, dengar citer korang.


x dpt join .. selasa ada exam statistics .. x stadi langsung since 3 weeks ago ..

thanks everyone pada yg datang ..
dan maaf sekali lagi kalau ada kekurangan .. x tegur ke .. sombong ke .. sebab saya mmg pemalu orangnya .

it’s okayh eddie.. jujurnya sy enjoyed the Iftar so much.. even though I pun tak socializing sgt sebb nak elak myself from asap rokok huhu.. sakit tokak den sekarang tau. ohohoho… thanks so much cus buat iftar gathering nie. satu pengalaman yang priceless…

i wanna join the second iftar tapi rsnya sangat-sangat tak dapat. sebab i have a lot of exams next week. i hope those yang akan join will enjoy the iftar and the gathering as much as I enjoyed it yesterday.

and i wanna propose aidilfitri gathering! kita buat kat garden, semua pakai baju raya! πŸ˜‰ jom!

[1] the iftar was cool ! i believe everyone is having fun πŸ™‚

[2] we enjoy the food, regardless of the pricey bill πŸ™‚

[3] nice meeting everyone yesterday. it’s easier to recall each one of them by the nickname

[4] last but not least, credits to you NH, aeropama & life4hire for organizing the break-fast gathering

i’m done. thx ! πŸ™‚

Ko keje company minyak kt kuantan, tak berkesempatan nak jumpe lagi. Next time kalau ade job kt KL, meh la kite ngeteh. Aku ok je, janji jgn geek iphone sgt πŸ˜€

Alaaa nono, you didnt tell me you couldnt stand smoking. If you did, we wouldve been a lot more considerate.

Im glad you came. Nanti I recite, I’ll give you the link πŸ˜‰

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