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Sorry is ALL I Can Say for Negaraku Buka Puasa

This goes to all attendees of Negaraku Buka Puasa. I’m sorry.


6.00 pm – Left the house. Took the wrong exit, made early birds wait. I’m sorry.

6.40 pm – Waived to a few known fellow blogger and showed them the way to the warong. Pointed the shop and left to fetch someone from LRT University. I’m sorry.

7.00 pm – Picked up a friend at LRT University. My poor direction wasted a few more minutes. I’m sorry.

7.10 pm – Arrived at the warong. Everyone was there. I’m late and I’m sorry.

7.15 pm – Was informed there was no table booked! As I recalled, Yam was there yesterday to reserve at least 20 seats and 6 chickens! Everyone was standing outside, grumpy looking bunch. I’m sorry.

7.16 pm – Confirmed. They gave the table away since we were late? Yam offered a deposit yesterday, but the shop refused. They say to come tomorrow and give the deposit. If we’re paying deposit on the same day, we might as well pay for the whole thing! I’m sorry.

7.17 pm – I walked back and forth, not knowing how to break the bad news. Might perceived me as someone irresponsible and snobbish for not introducing myself to everyone. I’m sorry.

7.23 pm – Break fast by the road side with everyone else. I felt ashamed and mad at the same time. Ashamed because I failed to get seats. Mad because the shop was an ass. 2 negative feelings at the time. Still I was being unfriendly because I do not want to unleash my negative side to everyone else. I’m sorry.

7.30 pm – Went to surau for Maghrib prayer. Everyone fled there too. Me feeling sorry.

7.45 pm – Came back from surau. Asked them to arrange 20 seats. They were pretty slow. I was still mad and ashamed. I socialized but still not too deep. I’m sorry.

7.50 pm – Everyone was scattered. I do not know where to sit. I wanted to be seated next to a complete stranger so I could socialize more but I fear that my common acquaintance would feel like I’m running away. Found an empty seat, coincidentally next to my friend. I’m sorry for not socializing and not being a good host.

8.15 pm – Food arrives. No more ayam golek, although the theme of the buka puasa was AYAM GOLEK. I’m sorry.

9.00 pm – Everyone’s done with eating and started chatting. I wanted to socialize, but seeing so many leftovers, I decided to wallop everything at sight *membazir itu amalan syaitan*. Once in a while, people called upon me and joked. Mouthful, I smiled or return a short line. I looked like I’m anti-socializing myself. I’m sorry.

9.30 pm – No more empty space in my tummy. Got up and socialized with one half.

9.45 pm – Got up, wanting to socialize with the other half. Everyone was about to leave. Darn. I’m such an unfriendly person! Sorry!

9.50 pm – The bill came. Deep shock.. was rather surprised. Felt ashamed. Some forked up extra to fit the bill. I’m sorry.

10.00 pm – Felt lousy because I’m such a terrible host.

10.01 pm – Everyone left.

The attendance was way beyond my expectation, 30 ++. With such a huge turn up, things were a little bit out of hands although I had life4hire and aeropama as my wing man.

It was a mixed feeling gathering. Frustration, laughters, fun, poking around, intellectual and getting out of that comfort zone. Despite all that, from deepest and bottom, down to my knees, I sincerely apologize for all the mishap and miss communications.

Since we didn’t get the ayam golek, I am proposing a second round on Merdeka day itself. This time, I’ll bloody make sure we get the table and Ayam Golek! If you’re coming, please, please please let me know by registering on this form. The result (please make sure you check, phone number hidden for security measure).

I know this is rather annoying, but again, I’m sorry.

Lastly, thank you for coming and spending your geeky times with us.

ps: I wanted to list all the attendees, but I fear I might get their names wrong. That’s a huge insult for me, I’m sure they’ll feel the same way too.

pss: The bill. Read it side ways. totalbill1.jpg

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77 replies on “Sorry is ALL I Can Say for Negaraku Buka Puasa”

Thanks fina. Selame ni Aisyah dok mention2, tak pernah pon jumpe. Now that Ive seen you, betul la orang ckp, sweet~

Terime kasih sbb datang. Lain kali join laa lagi πŸ˜‰

xpe la. nak layan kerenah i sorang macam kelakar pulak. takpe la mengalah kejap tapi this time sahaja okayyyyy..

sure sure lemme know. benda baik eddie.. i’d love to listen to it too. dgr je la yea.. nak komen tajwid tak terer. hoho…

That’s why I didn’t want to recite, nanti abes ke tajwid itu ini.

Nono, there’s a silence truce for smokers. IF people don’t like us smoking, we’ll stop there and then. We’ll light the cigarette else where πŸ˜‰

Hehe, siyes la Odin memang seorang yang pemalu la Kak Nono.

Setadi elok2 Odin, biasalah kehidupan seorang pelajar. Aku dah lepas dah zaman2 tu semua πŸ˜›

Okayh Eddie. If rs takut about tajwid takyah la.. recite ayah bukan leh main-main macam nyanyi.. hm.

And adikku khairul, oh tak perasan pulak aisyah tak selesa. dia cool je kak nono tengok.. πŸ™‚

selamat berbuka untuk korang semua. eddie, i propose raya gath tau! if dapat buat, buat eh? i am in!

Ya Allah. Padat gile meja tuh. Tak lemas ke woh. Tak lalu nak makan kalau sendat lagu tu. Huhu. Tapi, yang kedua nya event tak ramai pulak ye.

Cey. Syam dok tetengah macam big boss lak gayanya.

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