Some of Us Die Young, Pondar (1983-2009)

It’s 2am. Something bothers me and I woke up feeling uneasy.

I logged on to facebook and twitter, searching for latest updates from friends and family. *BAM* a news struck me hard. I learned of a friend’s death. Knowing these group of boys, I thought they were playing around, it turns out, it was real. Made a few calls to justify my curious soul. Sadly, the answer will never change no matter how I changed the question.

PondarPondar (Azil Afiq) is not your typical friend. He’s playful and goofy. He lights up the room with his funny stunts and gestures. Loud as he may seem, he is one of those people who’d hide his sadness from others. Pondar is far from selfish, he’d share his grubs during stay ups and would sell his Maggie at reasonable price.

Pondar was a rugby player, he was the hooker, he was my team mate. Though slightly round, he is determined enough to complete 10 laps everyday although at slower pace. Like any other rugby players, his loyalties belong to his team mates. I remembered him sheltering me from being bulldozed by the opponent. He’d ask, “Eddie, kau ok?”. Built tough, sweet inside.

After 5 years at MCKK, I hardly see him. But I knew he was somewhere out there, having the time of his life. Living with no regrets. It saddens me, that our friendship never extended to our kins.

Pondar, I’m sorry if I ever threw nasty words at you. Thank you being a great friend and a wonderful brother. You will be dearly missed.

Note: Pondar was caught in a motorcycle accident and was buried on 20th December 2009, 11 am.

ps: I’d knew I’d feel the pain after writing this down.

pss: To those who’s riding on daily basis, please be extra careful.

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innalillah… semoga ruhnya dicucuri rahmat.
aku pon riding jugak hari hari. doakan keselamatan
aku n wife. risau jugak. kekadang kita extra careful tapi ade plak sengal yang bawak keter extreme dangerous. ini lah kuala lumpur. semua perkara nak terkejar-kejar. tak sabo nak buat bisness sendiri. aku dah penat kerja dengan orang. at lease boleh jadi share partner pon ok dah. erm.. bila la diberi peluang agaknya. kompom aku tak berlengah rebut peluang.

Betul. Riders, hati hati bwk motor. Pada masa yang sama, awasi penunggang/pemandu lain jugak. Kadang kadang kita dah careful habis, tp kena langgar jugak. Mcm aku raya tahun lepas. Kena langgar lari kat laluan motor Kesas. Patah tulang bahu. Kena pulak time wife sarat mengandung. Dugaan betul.

pondar…known him only for the briefest time~~~….semoga arwah berada di kalangan orang-orang beriman…Al-Fatihah

he’s my cousin and i never met him and i never expected that i won’t see him forever,..i’m only close with the other two brothers..arif and i wish i could see him before he’s gone~..=al-fatihah=

memang kena hati-hati selalu bab motor ni. Malang memang tak berbau. Kadang-kadang, kita bawa ok aje. Tapi kalau dah nak jadi cerita, basikal sondol dari belakang pun leh bawak maut..


i was a friend of Azil. we were a group during primary school. anyway… the group of us…
we want to know more about him. the person
he had become. coz the five of us.. we keep in touch. we kinda lost him when he move to mckk… and we never manage to track him down till now.

please… please… is there anyone we can talk to about him? a bestfriend, a girlfriend (s? i hope…)

we really want to know what we had been missing. coz i read all the blogs and it seems he never change. which is impossible coz everyone grow up…

please help. we love him, too. thanks

apa yg terjadi pada saudara kita yang telah pergi telah menimpa keluarga ku.anak sulung ku Pelajar cemerlang poli jb sem akhir terkorban angkara pemandu mabuk pada 14 mac 2009 tarik harijadi anak gadis ku ya ke 16.sehingga kini aku tidak dapat melupakannya.kerinduan yg teramat pedig aku rasakan.air mata mengalir tanpa sedar (hati seorang ayah)

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