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Sombong Siot

Sombong siot, tulis email dalam English, die igt die habis bagus

Memang, memang aku habis bagus. Kau yang malas nak bace dalam English, kau plak nak kecoh. Bukannya aku pakai ayat-ayat yang ‘tebabo‘. Setiap garisan mudah difahami. Kalau kau kata kau nak tolong Melayu, then by all means, remove me from your list. I’m not a sympathetic Malay. I can live without your contract.

It would’ve been much easier if you told me you want it in Malay. Dumbass!

ps: Some people chose to be morons. What a waste of air.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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hallllllu, eD!

WHAT HAPPENG? [terengganu ppl trying to speak english].

how you’ve been, btw?
sorry for not being in touch lately.
aku slalu turun kl actually. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

in that case, sabar je lah Ed, but still not considering sombong, its just convenient for u, but business wise client is always right, usap hati, tahan telinga, with all humbleness minta maaf je la kt client tu ๐Ÿ˜ณ

i’m not terer in english.. but i can read all your posts in this blog.. this blog help me a lot to improve my mouth to speak english :up: ๐Ÿ˜›

Sombong ke tulis dalam English? Lawak betol.

But, if he/she sent me an email in Malay, I would reply in Malay.. if in English, I would reply in English.. In Chinese, I can’t read Chinese, sorry.

If it’s an official kinda letter, other than government departments, I would write in English.

“setiap garisan”- “setiap barisan” typo maybe?
sabarrr,hehe. sesetengah org suka BM dr english..cuma mamat tu xda tatasusila dlm penulisan/berurusan dgn org lain.

setiap barisan ayat..setiap garisan ayat..hmmm

owh..ko guna ayat bunga2…maybe betul kot..ada kot dlm kamus dewan..ntah la..

i rasa orang tu rasa rendah diri tatau english kut. huhu.

anyway eddie, we all come across these kind of shallow minded morons once in a while.

yg aku pelik, asal lah makhluk2 ni suka salahkan bahasa. padehal diri sendiri tanak blaja bahasa tu. cuba ko tulis dalam spanish ke ape, sure dia tak kata sombong.

bukan kau yang sombong, NH.
diorang yang sombong, tak mahu belajar bahasa lain.

kalau aku pun, kalau untuk bisnes, aku tulis email dalam english la jugak. walaupun klien tu melayu. sebab aku rasa terma-terma (terms) bisnes lagi susah nak translate bahasa melayu.

boleh translate, tapi nanti aku balik yg tak faham.

Saye yang tak tau bahasa engrish ni pun dengan sombongnye balun cakap omputih yang bersepah….


p/s: saye memang sombong orangnye…

That is why, Ed! I speak in Malay but I wrote in English (although grammar berterabur yang amat). It’s a way to better myself in English and also to cater to readers from the other side of the world. I’m too lazy to write in Malay and then later tranlate it in English. Kerja dua kali ๐Ÿ™‚

Haha, I get that all the time. The thing is with my field, once translated into Malay, everything gets lost in translation because its really a lot of technical terms. Eg: “Feedback Mechanism” is “Mekanisma Suapbalik” in Malay. Wth?! Shouldn’t it be Mekanisma Maklumbalas? I mean I love the Malay language, honestly, but when it comes to commercializing research, it just confuses everyone.

true. Everything is in English now in this modern world. Not that Malay language is bad, it is just not at the point where most people would understand. Brace up yourself, learning new things doesn’t mean you forgot your identity.

btw, die kutuk ko depan2 ke?

off topic a while…

Emila Yusof, sweet fingers you are. Beautiful. Keep it up.

Eddie, sori beb…gua mencelah jap. Thanks.

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