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Sleepy and Unmotivated


I don’t know why, I’m just unmotivated probably because of the following:

Oh I don’t know what’s boggling my mind. Darn.

Just go slow dear.. one thing at a time.

or so I thought.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

13 replies on “Sleepy and Unmotivated”

Aku kalo tension, aku baring atas katil, pasang ekon, depa tangan dan kaki, longlaikan tubuh yang terbaring tu, kosongkan fikiran.

Pastu stay dalam 5 – 15 minit (jangan lama sangat, takut tertidur). Bangkit dan tarik nafas 3 kali dalam2.

Pastu get back to work. Memang best giler! Cubalah.. 🙂

penting & genting
genting tapi tak penting
tak penting tapi genting

buat penilaian and tengok dia falls kat mane… =)
senang nak settlekan sume..
all the best.. ehehe

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