Shut Up

When I’m mad, I’m mad. There’s no perfect words to cheer me up other than to shut up. Let me digest my feelings and come to my own senses.

There are 2 things I hate in life

  • Wasting my time, even if I’m relaxing
  • Insult my intelligence

It’s only natural to keep quiet if someone’s angry. Lecturing only adds fuel to the fire.

ps: Dad safely arrives from Jakarta. I waited 1 hour and 33 minutes in pure boredom. I was planning on being a little bit late, thanks to someone, who kept bugging me every 5 mins, I arrived way too early. ARRGHHHH.. I’M JUST ANGRY!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

10 replies on “Shut Up”

if KLIA .. at least more spaces / places u can randomly walk around and talking with pramugari’s there ..

LCCT just plain boring imho .. too pack ..

Haha .. sometimes we had to obey with elder although they are sux !! They are always right even though sometimes they are totally wrong >.<)”

My heart skipped a beat reading that your dad is in Jakarta for his golf game. Thank God he’s safe and sound. Phew…

I know how anger feels like. You don’t want anyone to interfere and touch you, which should be the right thing. Anger will fizzle out itself eventually, and I don’t like people lecturing me when “I’m freaking pissed” is written all over my face 😛

Take care!

Alhamdulillah.. he’s safe.

Being angry is one of our natural feeling, right? The most important thing is how we face it. I remember my ustaz said – “Take wudhu’ always and it’ll wash away your anger”

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