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Shut Up

I spent 2 hours writing and found out that I had nothing to write about.

It was lines of bulls. Smelly stinky and pointless.

So here’s a quote

Don’t ever let anyone, including me (the head honcho), stand in your way to determine your success. You were born to win. So do what you do best.

Those words echoed right down to my spine. I knew I had to get it off my system.

ps: Reading Mahathir’s delivered speech, 1997-1999. Whoever wrote the speech, sure is very intelligent. But it requires a charismatic person to deliver it. Funny, most of it being so humble. Maybe because we were at a down turn?

By NoktahHitam

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Kalau tak silap la dan mcm pernah terbaca, semua atau hampir semua ucapan Mahathir ditulis oleh beliau sendiri.

so that might explained the charismatic & intelligent thingy kot

Alahai.. it’s been dead for a while now. I’ve been informed by my peers that it’s no longer as interesting as it was. Thanks to soul searching I did, I figured my ego was the biggest resources I had back then. Now, it’s no longer there. Oh well..

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