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Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati

Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati 1

Who would’ve thought I would end up meeting DenaiHati today? Thanks to AzmanIshak, he persuaded me to give a speech on the event to present My speech was super short because I didn’t want to bore the audience whom looked pretty hungry (so was I). I actually wanted to share how I met my wife through the previous version of, but I think that’s rather corny.

It was really a great event. I got to mingled around, luckily amongst people that I’m familiar with.

Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati 2

The man himself gave some speech. Awesome party and was thankful for the invi

Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati 3

With mr RockStar aka Fazreen

Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati 4

EjamOthman from Mentakab, Pahang (if there’s every going to be an award for most comment on NH, he would’ve definitely won) and Raksasa Oren, because he really is a monster that eats kid wandering around the streets.

Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati 5

With Otai Eizil all the way from Kelantan.

Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati 6

AriffShah, a celebrity blogger who is now unemployed, looking for an Aviation Engineering job.

Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati 7

Amir Hassan, aka Ilham. Very down to earth guy. You should visit him at

When I got home, my two engineers was trying to go out of house using my car key. I should’ve captured a video on how they conspired to escape from the house. Not bad for a year old kids, they pretty much understood what a key is for.

Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati 8


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12 replies on “Sepetang Bersama DenaiHati”

seronok dapat tgk blogger2 hebat semalam walaupun tak dapat nak tegur dan sembang2 dengan semua…al maklumlah hero kecil tak beri kerjasama penuh 🙂


Seronok kan event semalam, oh yea gambar paling bawah tu paling syiokkk hehee, tu tandanya diorang bijak, tahu kunci itu kegunaannya untuk apa 😀

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