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Semangat yang Hilang

Some call this writer’s block, but I call it mismatched energy.

Deep down I want to write something awesome, something that is beneficial to others. To some point, I think I’ve had enough telling my side of stories. It’s getting old quickly, plus not really that interesting and mostly cliche.

I need a niche.

Everyone I know has one. Photography, perfect story telling, gadgets, business, arts, lifestyle, travel and list goes on. The deeper I look into it, the further I am from the right path. I don’t have a focus. I need one sooner than I thought.

“Kalau hilang semangat blogging, salinlah kulit”

Which is exactly what I need to do. I have delayed this for too long. The smaller victory is to do the logo (in fact it’s the hardest thing to do). I’ve always had the image in my head, just needed to find time to do it.

Semangat yang Hilang 1

One of my bucket list is to build a time machine. I did just that. I was able to connect to myself from the past through this blog. I could understand the pain, the friends that I’ve made and the state of mind I was in. I’m glad I wrote everything down.

I’m going with Retro-Vintage logo next time around. Though not final, at least I am closer to what I want, a new theme. Let me know which you like best ๐Ÿ™‚

ps: Sorry no prize for guessing ๐Ÿ™

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14 replies on “Semangat yang Hilang”

same like me, in my mind want update my blog. but at the end, same. semangat hilang entah ke mana. maybe we need change together. some fresh or i need freshie at my side. hehe, anyway sorry again. i cant join iftar again. so sad. anyway, nice logo. really awesome!

this is my first visit here.
your post ‘semangat yang hilang’ inspire me something.
since I was quite busy lately, i couldnt make time for my blog.
pity me. :'(

anyway, jazakallahukhairan. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s hard to pick because the iteration/improvement is about the same. The grey-white is the one to be used on single color media like Tshirt etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jazakallah to you too for visiting.

Not many of us are writing like we used to. We tend to admire people who have the time to do so. We ask ourselves, where do they find the energy? Tough question to be answer by a petty blogger like myself.

To me, write while it’s still fresh! Stories are not like cheese, the older they are the better they get.

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