Sambutan Hari Valentine Adalah Haram!

Sambutan Hari Valentine Adalah Haram!

Kalau JAKIM dah kata haram, janganlah sambut.

This is not about conservative or up-open minded or katak bawah tempurung. This about faith. But you want to show appreciation to your love ones, don’t do it on one specific day. Do it daily!

ps: I got my ticket to Melbourne in May! It’s only RM800 for an 8 hour flight. Can’t wait to rekindle with my wife 🙂


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  1. aku paham perasan ko bila dapat ticket tu hehe 🙂

  2. kan dah kata haram.. ada jugak macam2 alasan keluar dari pihak tertentu.. nak jugak bagi boleh.. huhu..

    # congrats for the ticket. hehe. waiting the time to rekindle with mine too this weekend. emosi gak duk jauh2 ni.. huhu (X____X)

  3. Emosi gilos! I think its the part where you feel lonely that hurts most

  4. During that time, Melbourne will be in winter. Make sure you bring lots of thick coat. Hopefully you will have an enjoyable holiday

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