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Saiful Not Sodomised, Doctor Reports

How bizarre can this be? Dr Mohamed Osman reported Saiful wasn’t a sodomise victim after all. Saiful can now go to hell (for the sins he committed).

Sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW,
“Tidak akan masuk syurga tukang-tukang fitnah” – al hadis.

Here’s the proof

Pusrawi 1Pusrawi 2

Dr Mohamed Osman was detained for 3 days after refusing to change his report. His whereabouts now is still unknown (running away from the police).

What a drama. No Malaysian producer/script writer could ever craft a show like this.

Saiful was not sodomised, he’s fucked!

ps: Could this be ‘doa orang teraniaya‘?

pss: Dr Mohamed Osman, you’re the man!

psss: Oh yeah doctor, could you please improved your handwriting. It helps a lot to know a doctor performing operation or anus check up has steady hand. Hahaha, kelakar shit   ❗

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Although not really my favorite teen flick, I’ll give the ‘girl next door’ 5 out of 5, because of Elisha Cuthbert! Deym she’s hot.

Between Cuthbert and Digby, mane kau prefer bong. Ehh.. ni pasal Saifool fucked, gile hijacking topic ni!

When you have arseholes running the sandiwara, can you blame them for seeing sodomites everywhere they look? It’s what you might call “projection.” Congenital liars believe everybody else is lying except themselves. BN buttfuckers believe Anwar is right behind them, ready to shaft them properly… and, in this instance, they may well be korek korek korek 😉

girl next door mmg best beb…hot stuff..great movie..layan wooo…aku ada DVD dia…haha

aku ada teori…the best malay movies are not served in the theaters…it’s either on cerekarama or in our political true is that ?

“psss: Oh yeah doctor, could you please improved your handwriting. It helps a lot to know a doctor performing operation or anus check up has steady hand. ”


kekekek…kau mengingatkan aku pade sesuatu la ed… masa prep malam, kene tulis hadis kat whiteboard..bila tak tau sape perawi die, sape yang catat hadis tu, dengan mudah mudah tulis “al-hadis”


The first page is medical history: meaning – bullshits story cooked up by ‘patient’, Saiful.

Tensemus x 1/52 pain (canceled) not notice any PR bleed
pain in the ass when passing motion (illegible) x1/52. / Pt. (probably means patient) was alleged of (illegible) in a sdm (probably means sodomy) assault by intruding tt … (can’t make out the rest)

2nd page:

TRO assult (sodomized) — according to RPK that means TO RULE OUT Assault (Sodomized)

Advice to go to the gov. hospital.

(Plan to do police report)

hahhaha aku pun tak faham langsung kemenatang dr tu tulis. dahsat sungguh.

‘not noticed any PR bleed,’ itu je yg leh baca.
did i see absurd or what?
hahahha penat la nak baca, tapi tetap nak baca jugak.

hrmm…as far as im concern, medical record mcm ni takleh no matter wut di’expose’kan to public…doc ni leh kene gantung lesen and im pretty sure he’s aware of dat..unless diz medical record is fake lah kan..wallahualam!!..

obviously bukan doctor tu yg bocorkan rahsia. If not, dah lame dah orang tahu.

plus, doctor tu pon on the run, lari from authorities, no way die bole bagi file tu. Mesti salah orang dalam ni.

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