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Run Fat Boy Run!

I’ve read somewhere eons ago, 28 years old is Men’s optimal physique.

Run Fat Boy Run! 1

Strangely enough, I find that quite true.

For starters, I’m aggressively gaining back my speed, the kind of speed I had when I was 17. Was it the rigorous badminton training? Perhaps or science has proven it to be that way? I don’t know. But I do know, I can actually move quicker than before. My golf has progressed so much that some how I find it boring to hit the 50 meter board.

Anyway, I have an imaginary life goal list (I’m sure you do too). One of it, is to join a 42 km marathon. It sounds fucking insane, but I guess, I should give it a try.

Now finding the right running shoes is a big deal. Most running shoes looks vulgar if not ugly. I was struggling finding the one that fits exactly like my sprinting shoes, feather weight, snugs comfortably and most importantly, STRIKING (a sign of confidence) !

Stores after stores, my frequent visits has probably made me the mayor on FourSquare. But still, I couldn’t find any. I do pity my fiance, as I dragged her into the battle within.

So, after 102,315 visits. I settled for a much affordable Yellow Power shoes compared to other brands, that were made in China or Indonesia but had poor workmanship gluing the sole properly. It’s not worth throwing RM200 – RM 500 for another Asics Kayano and get stolen again.

It also struck me when I stood in front of the mirror. I have flabby tummy!

ps: Taken using new 3rd party flash. Love how it behaves 🙂

pps: No, I’m not running for Digi or wearing a Yellow jump suit.

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6 replies on “Run Fat Boy Run!”

Wow, cool shoes dude.

And I am sooooooo excited that you’re running too! We can be running blog buddies, sort of.

Have you signed up for any marathon yet? Like for this year my goal is to complete a half-marathon cause I am not mentally and physically ready yet for a marathon. But if my half-marathon in July goes well….I am probably going for the Penang Marathon in November.

Big if cause my plan is half-marathon for 2011 and whole marathon in 2012. But let me know how your training log is. I am so excited! =)

El-cheapo-muniando. It’s sufficient for now. Kinda lack of choice.

Pretty hard to compute running blog buddies. Now I have geek blogger buddies, political blogger buddies, marrying a blogger and partially ripping off ads company writing things they want to hear. I guess adding running blog buddies wouldn’t change much. LoL

I planned on joining Standard Chartered run mid of this year, sadly, I don’t think it’s within my capacity to do it. Next year, I’ll be moving to Melbourne (that’s the plan) and I’m not sure will I keep running.

There’s a few ways to track my training, but I have to decide which app I will use. I’ve drilled down to 3 apps in Android. My Tracks, Endomondo and Runstar. All are quite good. Maybe I’ll just use all of them. But they all link to same Google Map, elevations and stuff.

Dont tell me you’re using Nike + iPod.. because that would be soooo cooolll!!

aku selalu terfikir nak berlari pada sukatan berat 69 kilo, tapi hanya tinggal janji. Bila aku mula nak berlari penimbang menunjukan 79 kilo. Terus aku stop hehehe.. penat lah..

ps: aku pakai basikal bodoh tu jer

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