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Resume in Info Graphic Format

As part of my ‘do something’ initiative for this year, I want to update my resume.

Mine has always been the boring-lengthy-chest-thumping type that goes on and on, explaining to people I do everything in the office, when in actual fact, I just fix the damn coffee machine or pretend to understand in a meeting by nodding every 5 minutes. Anyway, I see resume as a brochure, a mean of selling services. So it better be darn attractive.

I designed mine using Adobe InDesign, it works almost like Illustrator. Before I start, I made sure I have every thing in place. I’d like to use what I call the “explode-implode” method. This is where I write everything down to the best detailed form, then remove all the noise and lastly, polish the information over and over until I can’t. (Math uses the same technique for algebra)

Resume in Info Graphic Format 1

The tricky bit is getting the graphs right. Through several trial error, I finally completed mine and this is the result.

Resume in Info Graphic Format 2

I hope this inspires you. Good luck in making your resume and job application.


By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

7 replies on “Resume in Info Graphic Format”

kemah keming weh resume demo…
ambo buak guno word document jah. hahaha…

my illustrator skills dah makin rusty ever since dah jarang guna. aih…

i definitely need to retouch my resume kasi lawa mcm your 2nd example tu la…


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