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It was Friday night out with the guys and some brought along their better halves, I was no exception. She sits and talks intently, while I remained focus on the road.

Redial 1

“You better call P, we need to know where they are..”, I asked her to do the chore using my phone. If you’re attending a surprise birthday party, you should tippy toe your way in and be cautious not to let the birthday boy spot you.

“P, where are you?”, she asked him.

“I’m at bla bla…”  tooot …  the phone call dropped as we dove into the tunnel.

In the mixed dark and neon lights, she asked, “how do I redial?”

“That’s easy, just say RE-DIAL”. I instructed her.

“RE-DIAL!” she said it loud and clear.

I could no longer hold my breathe, I burst into laughter. I laughed so hard that I actually cried, trying to hard to hold my tummy together. I forgot how she reacted, but I do remember her full-of-shame-face. Poor girl. ily 🙂

ps: We prank each other a lot 😉

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21 replies on “Redial”

mbuahahaha… dua kali aku baca entri ni. sekali masa feed kat gravity.. aku dah pecah perot gelak. lepas tu sekali lagi datang sini.. 2 kali aku gelak.. owh nko ni tak baik dowh…

p/s: tapi sweet gak.. konfem kene cubit la tuh. keh keh keh

Ortho isn’t challenging at all. I have 1 active call only for the whole month. Sampai mati kutu dibuatnya…

omg mana ada merah okay!!! salam, u should see eddie when tickled. jerit macam hantu histeria ok HAHA

kenapa keling kat malaysia suka merompak,menyamun,merogol,membunuh,mabuk,bergaduh jual dadah & jadi bangsa yang takda marwah.suka ganggu ketenteraman orang lain,hati busuk dengki khianat,puncanya pasal melayu pengecut bacul lemah dan dikuda oleh kelina dan cina.

hey you.. lame da tak singgah this blog.. anyway that is so sweet.. think that one day i do that to someone haha 😉

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