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Ramadhan, Merdeka and Vaccine

Blue Mosque

Before I proceed any further, I’d like to wish Muslim, Happy Fasting. May your good deeds flourish and be accountable in the after life.(picture: sunrisesoup)

31st August 2008. Cramped beside my grandpa with 5 other cousins. We couldn’t take the heat due to black out, so we went for a late supper.

Merdeka used to be fun when I was younger. I like fireworks and national march. I was thrilled and excited and proud of what we’ve achieved (I had no idea why I was proud). Today, it means nothing. It’s insignificant.

Anyway, since granpa is sitting next to me, I asked him what’s it like to fight Japanese and Communist. He told us a short story how he (and his batallion) battled for freedom. We’re blessed, the hardship and suffering never reached us. It saddens me somehow.

To me, Merdeka means nothing, there are people still combating poverty. I wish I could find a cure to poverty and improve their life quality, maybe one day, perhaps one day.

On other note, I was vaccinated today for my umrah. The numb feeling is still intact. I hope it goes away ASAP. I need my hand to draw and concerntrate on my pending works.

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14 replies on “Ramadhan, Merdeka and Vaccine”

when i want to show what is the merdeka spirit to my kids, there is nothing to be pride this year, pity on them.

i’m too, have wish to go to umrah but have no idea when i will do that.

Hey NH happy fasting! 😀

Speaking of Merdeka, it doesn’t mean much to me nowadays. Back in primary school we did cook up some big celebration for the day but as I grew up and witnessed how the Malaysian society is going backwards in development, I’ve kind of lost faith in that Wawasan 2020 thing Dr M had announced of many years ago. It still remains as an elusive dream.

For the moment being, I just pray for the peaceful, skirmish-free coexistence of the people of Malaysia.

Thanks Teddy! Time to shave off those fat!

Wawasan 2020 is closer than you think. It’s a great vision though.

I’m pretty much clueless why our independence day is rather lifeless. Could it be the ripples in our political scene or everyone has something else to do?

My best guess is that people got tired of all the politics and stuff like that. Everyone is simply burnt out I guess! And the newspapers wouldn’t stop reporting on politics, serving the same bland old fodder to their readers daily… sheesh. 🙁

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