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Raise Your Hand if You Hate Malaysian Drama/Movies!

I sometimes don’t get Malay drama. It’s always about the same thing, it revolves around Datuk, some pious dude, jealousy, ah-long, oh well, you don’t really need me to spell out everything, because you know the drill.

Some mistakes that are easily spotted, work at factory and they could bloody afford to rent a bungalow? WTF? Or applied 178 layers of make up before going to bed. Or ghosts that have strings attached to them. Puftt.. Non sense. Or empty cup of tea, and yet he kept sipping the cup. Hello! Pour that man some tea-lah ok?

Hence why I always say this, Malay drama doesn’t help you grow.

And knowing that these kind of tales can feed in lumps of traffic, the directors and producers thrive on it year to year. Check out Razak Moheedin installments, all Mummy that, mummy this, never ‘The Mummy’. They like servicing older generations rather than grooming the young ones.

If I were a film maker, I’d produce a sports movie or drama.

Why? Heck, some of us don’t really know what they have to go through to become a champion. Or how they got there? The sacrifices made. The sweat, the tears, the blood. These kind of movies are motivating. Makes you want to go out and make a difference, although we both know, neither you or me are talented.

Our younger generation now stays at home, plays DotA on LAN or Sudden Attack in the comfort of their lazy computer chairs that bounces back and forth when they lean against it. Can that attitude take us to Olympics? Hell No. We’ll only give birth to more geeks and nerds, and we don’t need that.

I would always want these kid to triumph a sweet victory on the green field. I always believe if we can’t, maybe our younger generation can! Like how Harimau Malaya won the AFF Suzuki Cup. Everyone was at the edge of their seat when it was streaming.

So directors, film makers and producers, don’t think about the profit. Think about helping the nation grow. At the end of the day, FINAS is going to give you film grants anyway. Be more intelligent-er if not smarter, more empathetic, more charismatic. Stop producing sad sappy and idiotic ghost stories, we’ve seen it before.

And another thing, support our local web apps and brands, because you want us to buy original, and yet you prefer International stuff. Helps you feel ‘glamorous’. No way I’d support you with that attitude.

ps: One of ramblings that has been looming around my head for years.

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kalau aku director aku akan pastikan drama2 aku ada unsur cuti-cuti malaysia ngan jalan2 cari makan. bila ko habis tengok drama, ko akan terliur dan confirm nak visit scenes dlm tuh. hehe

its clear that you missed some great drama on tv right now like Hani and Ayoub, and before this there is Nur Kasih. Those do not involve any Datuks whatsoever, right?

asik2 citer hantu.bengang betul aku.citer cinta pn mcm menunjukkan kebodohan.citer korea pn bercinta gak tp elok je dorg buat wpun ade la cacat2 cela tp maybe dh dicover dgn tmpt2 yg cntik kt negara x,balik2 putrajaya,klcc,bajet takde kot…

hampagas betul.ko jd la director edwin.haha

Industri kita mcm sampah. Berjaya buat 4-5 juta pun bukan nya ceritanya bagus tp kerana no choice. Kita disogok dgn filem2 yg basi. Tiada idea dan paling senang cakap syok sendiri.

ps:tengok kartun pun ada kualiti artnya.

come to think of it, malaysian doesn’t have a sports movie. I totally agree with you, hun. Our film industry pretty much touching the old subject of mat rempit, takde dara, arak berleluasa amongst the Malay that we all know we should avoid, yada, yada,yada but none that actually motivates us to do something beneficial of our own and our country.

if this keeps happening, and no one is going to take our film industry to a whole new level, then I’m worried. if there’s anyone who’d take up the challenge and pull off a good malaysian’s sports movie, I’ll give my salutation. till then, I’ll just stick to some good comedies.

Ths is my first time reading your blog. I must say I’m impressed with your thoughts. An in-your-face approach.

Now, on this topic, I must say most Malay movies are so cliche, you can actually guess the endings even if the movie is running for the first 10 minutes. Mat rempits, drifting, love, rogol, bomoh, cerita hantu. Are those the only movies that they can think of? Don’t even get me deviate on the government agencies’ campaigns. I mean, is the 999 number supposed to be a thing to joke about? What’s with the 2 goofy characters?

I support the Malay film industry, don’t get me wrong. Movies like Adnan Sempit and Afdlin Shauki’s productions are something to be proud of, well at least, that’s what my thoughts are.

Eh panjang pulak.

Keep writing those thoughts.

sure u got some point there.. but i think Malaysian Movies are going to improve.. Love MAGIKA.. although it surely copy Alice in wonderland.. but the effect and the story is interesting.. well done KRU.. Ngangkung also have a great moral story. Now wait for the mega impact in HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA.. by watching the trailer my DARAH MELAYU already mendidih.. hehe.. to the all director that produced a love film.. enough is enough ok? and to syamsul yusoff.. u movie is great when u not act in it.. u are the worst actor!!

yup..thats so true…. tu la kan…kadang2 tertanya jugak…berapa la budget diorang buat cerita sampah ni kan… sebab negara lain…budget ciput pun…the punya outcome sangat ‘wow’…..

agree2… both hands and legs ^__^ last Malay film I watch was Senario The Movie… what year was it? sigh.. I would prefer Disney films rather than Malay films

x minat la citer melayu mcm tetttttttttt……lagi2 citer yusof haslam plakon yg same and citer yg same sgt2 membosankan location selalu putrajaya2 bukit bintang tempat yg same jew….pelease la bt perubahn………..

couldn’t agree more..especially part cerita cinta tu..pftt….asyik2 benda sama..perbezaan drjat la..orng kaya ngan orng miskin la.. =.=”

and baru tdi tngok satu cerita ulangan ni..
die pasal orng2 yang bekerja sbgai doktor..tapi yang bnyak nye scene cinta je.

scene yang involves medical stuff,illnessess,patients cases ke..sikit giler..

kalau cerita komedi yang ringan2..kadang tu mcm xde ape pun yg nak dismpaikan..not necessary benda tu kena ilmiah…tapi kalau tdari awal smpai last asyik berkisarkan perkara yang sama…konflik nye pasal cinta je..bosan doe.

Hani is just a rip off of Japanese drama 1 Litle of Tears. just it got a different direction where she was blind and not dead.

Ayoub is like same old story!

mmg byk drama ttg org2 kaya ni.. tp masih ada satu dua drama yg best mcm nur kasih.. klu filem plak.. asyik genre yg sama komedi dan seram.. cubalah buat cerita ttg jenayah berat dan thriller..

Salam. first time read ur blog and yeah agree wif u 100%. xdinafikan ade citer yang bagus but still most our filem/ drama sgt … citer2 semua di takuk lama tanpa sebrang perubahan yang nyata.. those in this industry shud do fully research not just melepas batuk ditangga..tak salah rasanya kalu refer cerita luar sebagai rujukan. bukan bermaksud copy cat citer dr luar tapi dr segi mcmana dorg buat satu2 citer.cth citer korea, ketengah makanan, tempat2 menarik, budaya juga lagu2 yang best. if ada citer melayu camtu bukankah bagus? ketengah makanan tradisi msia, tempat2 menarik dan lagu2 m’ that boleh support lagu2 dr artis msia..sry just my opinion..

Thanks bro.

I do agree, that some movies do have substance. However, how many percent does that constitute of? In a year, how many movies like these are produced? 1 or 2. At most 4. Still I don’t go to cinema. I’ll watch it when Raya comes.

Malaysian are getting more intelligent, but our movie sucks big time. They do not have substance nor the right technicality to say stuff. They don’t do research, pastu main tarukkk je.

I love it most when they have small details, e.g. Sherlock Holmes when Robert Downing Jr. licks a rock, I was like WTH? Soon figure it out, it was glued using honey. That’s quite a mindful to digest, but very intellectual. It tells something that we don’t know.

I don’t write thoughts most of the time, not like I used to. I’m sorry if that demotivates you.

I’d make a rugby movie. How hard we had to train to reach the nationals. That would be awesome. Then make a sequel, going against International team. The last sequel plak, how he left his legacy.

That would be quite interesting to watch. (At least for me, minus the last sequel.)

Cartoon lagi layan. Upin Ipin is a big hit! Love it a lot! But notice how kids these days talks like Upin Ipin, it’s kinda annoying. Hahaha. But the franchise works like wonder. Kids even drag their parents to see the movie on opening day. What a marketing campaign! Hahaha

quite agreed. tp like the others said,tak semua citer mlyu mcm tu. kadang2 film director buat cerita2 yg cliche sbb penonton gak. mentaliti penonton kt malaysia ni yg cliche.kalaupun kita nak tgk cerita yg lain dr yg lain mcm sports,pembunuhan,penyiasatan semua tell me,berape ramai la sgt org yg nak tgk? kalau nak diikutkan, cerita2 indon tu lg bersepah yg mengarut2.jalan cerita sama je.kne tipu hidup2.kata menyampah la,mengarut la.sampaikn rase mcm nak letupkan je tv tu.kutuk2 pun,tp last2, melekat gak kt depan tv tu.tell me if im wrong

ada gak yg suggest buat filem yg mengetengahkan seni mempertahankan diri mcm silat etc. tp bila dah buat, you tell me, berapa ramai org yg tengok cerita tu & tak miss sekalipun?industri perfileman tempatan takkan maju kalau bukan penonton tempatan sendiri yg support.

lagipun,industri sendiri tak bagi peluang pada independent scene nak berkembang. anak2 muda skang ramai yg berbakat,tapi sayang, penerbit pandang sebelah mata.anggap hasil karya diorang ni tak ubah macam sampah.siapa yg patut dipersalahkan?you tell me

KRU, the late yasmin ahmad n afdlin shauki

hi there, terbaca your idea dalam beautifulnara…TOTALLY AGREE…btw, kenapa Malaysia xde sport movie?…sebab..aktor / aktress dia bajet cantek & kontrol macho…tak main la nak sweat2 ni….tu komen sy la….plus, ada tempat cantek kat Malaysia ni depa guna nak bergaduh je….tak penat ke driving ke Putrajaya semata2 nak bergaduh?..hehe

I must say that I totally agree. today’s filmmaking standards aimed too much on the surface. i think that it’s about time that directors start pushing their directing abilities to tackle issues that concerns community development or more surrounded on the development of the main character. I truly feel that it’s such a huge loss when Yasmin Ahmad left us. I felt that with her passing, I am no longer felt intrigued to actually sit through a Malay movie and having to analyze the plot like I did in Gubra/Sepet. Malaysia directors should start to take the risk of getting a different perspective on filmmaking and please la buat research dalam2 dulu before buat movie. Sometimes bila tgk movie Melayu rasa frust gila sbb rasa mcm the mind is not challenged at all. And of course, i think its time that people should stop making localized versions of international movies/dramas.
heheh, just an expression of thought 🙂

Bro, I’m pretty disappointed lah with all the Malay movies. All was just in ‘takuk lama’. No effort to bringing new ideas or less say only MAGIKA are different film genre than others. Although I and my fiance are always going to watch Malay movies, we tend to rate the movie. Just recently watch ‘Kurafat’ (even though I hate horror movies) which I can say just 2 and a 1/2 star. Just playing with the sudden approach of the ghost. No ‘X-Factor’.

at lasttt… bru laa nina tahu kenapa lately, few year, nina tak tengok tv sgt… hoho… its true… drama tv macam ulang perkara yg sama sahaja… sometimes, mcm dh boleh agak the ending… and 1 more, knapa nk publish cerita2 indon yaa? kita nih dekat malaysia ke, indonesia?

yup..almost the same as 1 liter tears-japanese drama.. try to watch it if doesnt agree.. few different only..but still okey la since yeah this is maybe our industry new way to create movie/drama..sory

betul juga tu. drama melayu ni asyik modal yang sama. cuma sejak akhir2 ni banyak drama yang aku tengok dah mula meningkat kualitinya. tapi still nak selitkan juga datuk2, datin2, company, air mata bla bla.

Hoho…rupa2nya aku tak kesorgn hehe… Walaupun tak le semua malay movies ni teruk sgt… malay movie n drama nih byk tul part makan..heran aku.. Dahlah hampir sama plak tu… kdg minum air cawan macam nampak sgt tipu takda air dalam cawan tuh..huhu.. Teringat dulu masa sekolah rendah ada aktivti berlakon dalam kelas minum dalam cawan kosong..biasalah berlakon budak2, tapi takkan nak buat movie takleh ke buang duit skit buat air betul pastuh lebih bagi le kat krew2 tu hehe..plastik je rupa berlakon mcm tu.

Sampai sekarang saya ternanti2 bilalah nak kuar sport movie or motivation film.. Selalu sgt movie hantu n cinta2. Kalau filem motivasi suka tgk afdlin yg buat…maybe akan pengarah muda plak lepas nih. Tak silap saya filem sport yg ok skit dulu..’Baginda’.. Lepas tuh ntah apa2..kalu buat pun byk yg tak ‘berapa real’… Filem sport aku mnyampah skali yg ada Dr Fadzley dalam tu ntah apa nama dia… teruk betul jalan cerita tuh…

Tapi ada gak drama dan movie melayu yg ok cuma tak lah sebaik filem Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee..kalau kita tgk mesti nak tgk lagi..pelik betul kan..aku kdg2 2 3 kali seminggu..hehe

Yg aku suggest
Nur Kasih – Kena sabar tgk sebab intro dia slow
Tudung Ekspress – Cerita simple tapi mesej dia bagus dan aku suka tgk lawak Lisa Surihani yg sgt natural dan menjadi..comel
AdamMaya – Simple tapi bermesej dan lain darpada lain
Adnan Sempit – lawak selamba
Ngangkung – Belum tgk..tapi mcm best..
..leh sambung tak..manatau ada aku lum tgk..
apapun2 byk pengarah muda yg bagus sebenarnya..sebab mereka lebih berani dan mencuba sesuatu yg baru..Cuma kena jagalah adab dan adat kt org timur… Sebab ia boleh melambangkan bangsa..

I agree with your views, partially, but why don’t we need more geeks and nerds? Geeks and nerds are the ones that will create more advanced technology for our country, home-grown talents that will propel the country into greatness, if this is even possible… We think we’re better than India, or other third world countries, but we are not.

If we have more geeks and nerds, who’s going to do hard labor? More bangladesh, more indo, more nepal? Remember these people ships money back to their home country. In order words, RM is flowing out of Malaysia by the millions. Having too much money will deteriorate our currency causing it to priced low to USD, UK pounds, Euro.

Look at the Japanese. They do their hard labors on their own. They build their sky scrappers themselves. So the money is flowing inwards which creates a healthy economic model.

Trust me, nerds and geeks only makes good worker, not employer. On rare occasion like Afzal of Time dot Com appears.

saje nk mnyebok……hah..btol la Hani tu rip 1 litre of tears….tengok ep 1 pon dah tau….tp banyak love sangat….1 litre of tears mane ade mcm tu….
tapi x suka la tiru-tiru ni….
mana idea-idea org Malaysia yang cerdik pandai…buat la cerita sendiri….x yah nak tiru cerita negara lain…..X suke!!!!

Cuba kita tgk cita jepon..kebanyakannye pasai semangat setiakawan..semangat kesukanan..semangat negarawan..semangat kejiranan..kan besh drama kita mcm cite kita asik2 cite datok datin keta besa umah besa..burink..

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