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Raise Your Hand if You Hate Malaysian Drama/Movies!

I sometimes don’t get Malay drama. It’s always about the same thing, it revolves around Datuk, some pious dude, jealousy, ah-long, oh well, you don’t really need me to spell out everything, because you know the drill.

Some mistakes that are easily spotted, work at factory and they could bloody afford to rent a bungalow? WTF? Or applied 178 layers of make up before going to bed. Or ghosts that have strings attached to them. Puftt.. Non sense. Or empty cup of tea, and yet he kept sipping the cup. Hello! Pour that man some tea-lah ok?

Hence why I always say this, Malay drama doesn’t help you grow.

And knowing that these kind of tales can feed in lumps of traffic, the directors and producers thrive on it year to year. Check out Razak Moheedin installments, all Mummy that, mummy this, never ‘The Mummy’. They like servicing older generations rather than grooming the young ones.

If I were a film maker, I’d produce a sports movie or drama.

Why? Heck, some of us don’t really know what they have to go through to become a champion. Or how they got there? The sacrifices made. The sweat, the tears, the blood. These kind of movies are motivating. Makes you want to go out and make a difference, although we both know, neither you or me are talented.

Our younger generation now stays at home, plays DotA on LAN or Sudden Attack in the comfort of their lazy computer chairs that bounces back and forth when they lean against it. Can that attitude take us to Olympics? Hell No. We’ll only give birth to more geeks and nerds, and we don’t need that.

I would always want these kid to triumph a sweet victory on the green field. I always believe if we can’t, maybe our younger generation can! Like how Harimau Malaya won the AFF Suzuki Cup. Everyone was at the edge of their seat when it was streaming.

So directors, film makers and producers, don’t think about the profit. Think about helping the nation grow. At the end of the day, FINAS is going to give you film grants anyway. Be more intelligent-er if not smarter, more empathetic, more charismatic. Stop producing sad sappy and idiotic ghost stories, we’ve seen it before.

And another thing, support our local web apps and brands, because you want us to buy original, and yet you prefer International stuff. Helps you feel ‘glamorous’. No way I’d support you with that attitude.

ps: One of ramblings that has been looming around my head for years.

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couldn’t agree more! I’m not sure is it about the lack of creativity or talent but it would take miracles for malaysians to produce such great movies like hollywood … i’m not talking bout the CGI stuff, just simple plain movies that could move the audience and that would be awesome!
just my humble saying (^^)y

dude, lets make some movies lah (i’m serious).. since both of us equipped with AVCHD recorder, and there are few more on the shelves, create some plots and lets make movies yo~ I know a person who can help ‘publish’ing it~ uuh~ heheh

i hate that in malay movies/drama, they speak n sound different from how the normal everyday ppl speak. like, who actually speak that way. those stereotype datuk, datin with very cheap wigs and mercedes car has got to stop.the old anak derhaka sbb parents org kampung and selekeh is soo predictable la. Also, enough with cerita seram already. I dont get why we hv soo many scenes involving husband screaming at the wife or vice versa, Where’s the love…u don’t need x-rated scene to show that u r in love. I reckon there should be more encouraging and lovable scene than those destructive ones.

i do love Afdlin, some of KRU and Arwah Yasmin’s work. i dont mind going to the cinema for them. Kami and Ghost were pretty good shows. I’m also guilty at watching Awan Dania cos i adore Scha..hihi

The bulk of programmes using proper Malay are news, documentaries, religious talk shows and cartoons (local and dubbed). Most dramas and movies with urban settings sure got ‘rojak’ one. Right smack in the middle of Malaysia’s ongoing language row. I won’t be surprised if a self-proclaimed pejuang bahasa doesn’t dig local movies; all I have to worry is which sort of school he sends his kids to (and what’s the language of the cartoons they mostly watch!)

ehmmm..setuju dgn some part of your opinions but not all , some Malay movies are good like Pensel , Ali Setan , Nur Kasih etc. filem afdlin n mamat khalid pun agak bagus tapi masalahnya pengarah generasi baru kita seperti farid kamil dan ahmad idham yang suka buat filem yang tak elok .

Betul sangat tu! Sikit2 gangster, hantu, datuk, mate duitan. Jarang la cite pasal life or movies yg buat kite rase inspired. Lame2 bosan sbb dh cliche.

Sekarang kalau org suruh tgk movie melayu, mmg pikir 2-3 kali. Because it could just be waste of my precious 2 hours.

Tu lah pasal diorg ni mmglah movie die org laku tapi isinye kualiti entah apa…bukanlah semua tapi kebanyakan. kadang2x short movies and dramas are better than their films

50-50 nt malaysian bt i stil c alot of drama n filem..yes nt all drama or film r boring..sum they leave us message n sum they giv us knowledge..only afew producer i beta..they hv make tis industri film really look 4wrd..if boring easy jz switch 2 other channel..wish producer or script write n production giv the best impact..wanne c sumtink interesting..

i like khabir bhatia’s work as well as afdlin shauki,kru and the late yasmin ahmad’s work too..their story telling, cinematography is awesome..i admit that ALL the malay movies and dramas are predictible but in the end, it all comes to your choice..i am a big fan of korean drama and let me tell you, their stories are not so different from our is still the same old, billionaire guy falls in love for the peasant girl, and there is also guy a likes girl b but she is in love with guy c that also loves her but girl d also loves guy c..its all the same…to me, only the storytelling is different…well,that is my opinion and i agree with a comment up there that said,everything relies on the viewer’s mentality and their level of thinking..

Easy. Malays people; if the soap have too much controversies or scandals, complaints are bound to flood in. Some more the conventional views and differences of the Malays’ mindset. Yeah, it makes all the differences.Thinking makes the man. Try comparing Malay soap to other soap drama…Spanish, Korean, Japanese and even Phillipines..Tepuk dada tanya selera. Malays soap tend to be boring, less engaging and less plots. If given choice which would you rather pick?
It is undeniable that too much gap exist between the above mentioned soaps as compare to Malay soap. Producer need to change and so do scriptwriters. But most importantly society needs to change, be more open-minded towards certain issues. World is rapidly evolving, themes should not be recycled over and over again
Looking forward to the revolution of Malay soaps in the coming future.

Malay dramas Suck. Notice the capital S. Predictable plot, rubbish acting, no twist, useless scripts and monotonous dialogues. Honestly they should not bother even making them let alone give awards for them. Awards for Malay drama/movie is like flies to crap, they both stink. Sorry for the rant.

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