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Quizzical Noktah Hitam

Long before I started penning down my thoughts, I wanted a kick-ass name. So I settled for Noktah Hitam. It’s ghostly, subtle, dark and final.

Honestly, the name springs out of nowhere.

3 Questions that often tilts me backwards while squirming my right eye

  • Why NoktahHitam?
  • Why do you want to marry a doctor?
  • Why do you write in English when your blog name is NH?

By now, I’m sure I’ve told most of my best-ies the reasons. Unfortunately, those are superficial. I can’t be telling about something I’m uncertain. Plus, the reason change every now and then to fit the puzzle.

As much as I would like to share to you why NH and doctor? I just can’t.

NH is very personal to me. Like I said, it’s my alter ego. It’s somewhat similar to “The Beautiful Mind”, with exception, there’s no imaginary friend. This is real.

As for doctors, if I spill, I’d create more competitors for a very niche market. I hate pulling hair just to feast my-undying-winning spirit. (Which will probably set you hard on your bottom and make you look bad.)

My medium is English. Like you, I use English on daily basis but can never master it. It’s never ending process. And I’ve always believed, good command of second language reflects ones ability to absorb and digest inputs.

ps: I want to start writing short touchy stories, what do you think?

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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bila kau tulis macam ni, aku benar benar konfius.

1. apa kau memang benar benar mahukan seorang doktor untuk jadi teman? 0-10, tahap mana kemahuan itu? 10 paling mahu

2. kalau betul2 mahu, onim punya ramai rakan yang masih single. mungkin pertemuan, perbincangan, boleh diaturkan. wah hahaha..aku buka agensi mencari teman.

3. kau tulis pasal mahu tulis short touchy story. aku berminat untuk sumbang idea. kalau kau sanggup kongsikan apa yang kau mahu tulis la.

4. maaf, seperti entry baru dalam entry kau. huhuhu…

For every given reason, they just show how much you appreciate yourself. NH is not your alter ego. It’s you from the other side of you. The side that people hard to understand you. But when they look deeper in NH, they can see the strikes of you in it. NH consists of you, your dreams, your opinions, your dare thoughts and your life. Isn’t it great to tell people that you are NH. The owner of the uniquely you. Hey Eddie. NH just suits you in every way. You are wicked, cruel at times and most of the time you are very kind at heart.

p/s: I admire your willingness to improve your command in English. Because in my eyes, you are at a very very good level already. Oh, please. Do write sometime touchy. I want to see your ability to squeeze people’s tears ๐Ÿ˜€

1. If the scale is 0-10, mine will be 20. How’s that?

2. Sure. Ask them to send their CV. Will notify successful applicant ๐Ÿ˜›

3. No problem. You can write on NH if you want ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. You really like seeking forgiveness, even if you did nothing wrong.

Short touchy stories, huh? You’ve definitely got my vote there, pal. I’ve never been a big fan of political and intellectual writings anyway. =P

The thing about being an ABLE writer is people have expectations. Much like musician. First album broke every record, clouded by popularity, second album fades away.

Whilst it is fun to write about myself, I start to think it can never be enough. And certainly, I hate being self centric, eventhough I am.

Will definitely write short touchy story. But it’d deviate from the main point, the egoistic NH.

Yes, please write short stories, touchy or not. I love reading stories, especially if it’s written by someone I know. I wish I can write some short stories but I am just not there. The best I can do is to write a personal story, dwelving into my past, change the names, add some dramas and spices.. walaaa!! :p

I get you on that NH and doctor thingy. Ah, alter ego, it’s scarily more dominating than you know.

Language? If you ask which one I am most comfortable and confident with, it’s Bahasa Melayu. But, I choose to write more in English to improve my vocabs, grammar as well. When you write, you research, and you read. Good self improvement method.

Short stories are hard to write, needs quite an intelect to be able to write one. Anybody can write, just not many can stop writing when he/she starts, and make the story fulfilling, interesting, captivating AND SHORT.

Writing political craps, and feigning ‘intelectual’ writings, in my humble opinion is easier. Just common sense needed, save your creativity. Quite boring actually.

My bahasa would probably fall second behind you. I don’t read anything in bahasa often. It’s wordy and sometimes pointless, especially if you read Utusan. Long and crappy.

NH used to occupy 75% of my being. Now down to 25%. I learnt that I don’t need to be happy, to be happy. I just needed to see in other’s eyes.

Susah short story. Sure makan masa lama gila. Will probably buy portable lappie and hangout at KLCC just to write. Hahah

melayu atau english, blog mu tetap akan sentiasa ku kunjungi… :XO:

pssttt: aku tahu gaji kau jauh lebih tinggi dari seorang doktor.. so ape salahnye… kalau aku yg baru nak bekerja ni bercita2 mahukan seorang doktor, harap2 family aku lempang aku biar sedar diri.. hehehe ๐Ÿ˜ก

No way. Gaji aku lagi sikit dari doctor.

Tapi ada bagus kalau pasang angan2 nak kawen doctor. Lepas ni kau akan berusahe dgn lebih keras supaya kau dan doctor, setaraf. Tp kau kene igt, aku nak kawen doctor, tade kene mengene dgn duit.

You want to start writing short touchy stories, what do I think?

I think you should go with that idea. All this time you’ve been writing a lot about politics and why not writing something different? You’ll definitely have one vote from me.

p/s: I know you can do it. I love those entries about your mum. Made my eyes blur ๐Ÿ˜ฅ .

oh… sori sori sori…

(gaya tangan di hadapan. ah! kau tahu gaya tu)

sekejap…sekejap…cerita yang touchy itu boleh meliputi apa saja genre bukan? bukan sekadar romantik romantik saja kan? oh, satu lagi, bkan soal kekeluargaan saja kan?

huhuhu…kau beri aku satu cabaran untuk memerah keringat. otak sebenarnya.

well, at least i’ve known you for being really hard and stern on issues you post. even simple ones – i know you have something loud to say. and suddenly you want me to read touchy stories?? that would be too fragile of you. gosh, that would kill all the fun!

continue being harsh. i like that. stories of twisted murder, yeahh, i would read! haha!

i remember my fellow adelaideans asked me about you..why on earth you want to marry a doctor ๐Ÿ˜†

and i dont have the answer ๐Ÿ™„ .. hope you’ll provide one soon ๐Ÿ˜€

I do short stories. The touchy ones senang nak tulis bila perasaan tengah ceramuk.

Can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

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