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Purple March.. Why So Stupid?

Watch the video first.

I was really upset to see the so call women march (in purple). Is this how you show your respect to other people? Is this how you carry yourself in public? Of course we understand theres a need to prove something, but provoking the teacher in the video is very wrong.

The teacher definitely has every rights to get angry. Here’s a few reasons why;

  1. They booked the field and probably paid for it.
  2. The security of the kids involved in the training session.
  3. Disrupts the session by 45 mins. That’s wasted quality time.
  4. The purple march might step on his cones and break it.

It’s quite saddens me that these women are from PKR (or PR). Leaders of tomorrow my ass! Just because you’re toe to toe with government doesn’t mean everyone is your enemy. I find this ridiculous. Had I been there, I’d probably smack the lady in white tudung. Kebodohan maksimum yg tiada batasan. Nik Nazmi & Rafizi Ramli, take note.


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7 replies on “Purple March.. Why So Stupid?”

mmg tak bole blah makcik yg jerit “don’t shout” n yet ko terjerit jerit! hotak korang la buat perangai mcm ‘org ilang anak’ depan bebudak skola camtu..
Yup, leaders of tomorrow bontot aku!!

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