Puan, Awak Rabun ke Ape?

It was a hot sunny Saturday afternoon, I lay in my room semi nude reading through an old edition of Auto Trader. “I have to go out”, I told myself, I was just that bored. Despite the piercing sun, I grabbed a few of dad’s clubs and my black leather glove. I’m going out to hit some balls and maybe improve myself in the process. Yes, golf is a drug I’m addicted to.

Puan, Awak Rabun ke Ape? 1

I arrived shortly, thanks to fully charged Jenny.

I wore a black cap which I found on the rear seat (I have no idea to whom it belongs to) and took all the necessary equipments. Unlike other golfers who brings their whole set, I travel light, so 4 clubs is good enough.

Once I got the ball from the counter, I glanced through, searching for an empty spot. When all of a sudden a makcik screams from a far, FAHRIN AHMAD. Her high pitched scream forced me to squirmed my eyes in agony. With an eye open, I looked the other way around, wondering, who is this Fahrin Ahmad guy. (I’d be lying if I told you I don’t know who he is, well, I think I know).

Eh Eh, buat tak nampak plak. Dah lama awak main golf?

The next thing I know, she was standing before me.

Kak, mana Fahrin Ahmad?” I asked her.

She stared at me, analyzing my face per dot inch. I didn’t know what to do, so I stood still while keeping an eye on her as she swindled right to left.

Oh, salah orang!” and she left.

What the Faaaaaaaaaa….

Either that mak cik is delusional or she forgot her glasses. I think it’s the latter. Anyway.

ps: A silent reader of mine is getting engaged this March. I’m so happy for you babe, but that also means another soon-to-be-missed friend. Oh well ๐Ÿ˜‰

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yup. 1st time komen. read your blog too, dulu macam selalu fikir “writing mamat ni agak poyo, malas nak komen”. LOL. but since dah selalu nampak dekat twitter, dah xrasa poyo kot. haha. sama-sama malu, mungkin berjodoh sikit dengan fahrin ahmad fake kot *wink*

whose ur silent reader tu?hehe

abg fahrin nak sign!!!! hehe fahrin bkn taller than u ke eddie? hehe.. wah3! abis la ko jadi bahan..haha komen si blowie petanda nak berlage pusat! hahaha..

lupe nak komen..but if first promote this link to twitter..haha ramai gelak2 jer ari ko post ni..haha

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