Psycho Girl

Listen to the song.

Psycho Girl

She’s so weird excuse me, I don’t think I like it.
And thinking of her name, It’s driving me insane.

She’s a psycho girl, The psycho girl fan,
Everything I say, She takes it the wrong way.
She’s a psycho girl, My living nightmare,
She’s everything I hate, And I can’t stand her.

I can’t change her thinking, But she’s damn good looking,
Thinking of her name, It’s driving me insane.

Dedicated to anonymous psychotic commentators/bloggers.

ps: If you can sing better, email me. If not, zip it.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

24 replies on “Psycho Girl”

macam terasa kot walaupun tak pasni, ditujukan untuk kita ke tak. pasal…
1. tak baca betol
2. interpret it the other way around.. hm.


p.s: Oh I am not an anonymous!

aku pernah juga terlibat dgn seorang yg taktau ar psycho ke tak, tapi mcm psycho gile gak, secara terus terang dia sgt obsesif terhadap aku…
ini kisah 6 tahun lalu laa…
and no, she not damn good looking…

hahaha.. kita fikir rentak catchy.. rupa-rupanya sadis mellow.. urm, patut buat melody “main2” and “lucu”. sesuai dgn lyrics.

oh i should just zip it. huhuuh

OMG~~ the song is exactly about someone yang I tengah encounter sekarangggg.. Can I quote this on facebook? [because she stalks me in FB].. haha..thanks 🙂

Mari dengar lagu ‘An ode from the psychopath’.

Mungkin ini boleh jadi lagu jawapan from the girl fan.

*I may not know her. But if it happened to be me, many sorry.
**But I’m not anonymous. Neither psychotic on NH. Huhu.

wow.. NH menyanyi la.. pastu jd claim lagu mcm lagu penjara tuh.. siut jer.. ramai org carik mkn gun lagu tuh plak..

Since she got the message, that’s mean you don’t have pycho anymore..

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