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Proton’s Electric Car is a Bad Move

While the people in Malaysia are still battling with the hike in petrol price, Proton introduces they newly join venture with Detroit Electric. Proton’s Electric car. The only thing left is to seek a company like wowloans in Malaysia which can provide extremely good offer through which people can get the car of their dreams without any hassle.

Proton Electric

Stupid Bad move. Here’s why.

You need to charge the car. What happens if your car ran out of battery in traffic jam? Conventionally, you can always walk to the nearest station. Battery? Get AA size ones? Push? I’d recommend you call a towing company. That’s RM200 down the drain 😥

Sky high electricity bill. You may think it’ll reduce your petrol expenditure but you’re wrong. The petrol expenditure will go directly to your electricity bill. Leverage, justify, call it what ever you want, you gain too little to notice 😯

Black outs. Let’s face it, monopoly is bad idea of improving any service. We all had our blackouts every now and then. So tell me, where can you seek refuge during the darkest day when your car is dead?   😕

Going greener? Nope. Electricity comes from burning gas and charcoal. We have yet to own a nuclear plant although MINT was established long ago 😡

Old housing wiring. Most modern home are equipped with a 3 phase power supply, sadly not rural ones. Naturally, electric cars will need these facility to recharge the battery. Yeah, you can strike out balik kampung with this car ❗

High density residential. If you live in a condo, apartment or any high rise, it’ll be (almost) impossible to recharge your car from your house. They’ll be a special parking bay and I bet your management will shave every extra penny you make :down:

Having said all of the above, wouldn’t it be smarter to work on hybrid or hydrogen car? The choice is yours ➡

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ps: My arguement today is from consumer’s point of view.

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aku setuju ngan semua points ko…TNB dh naikkan rega letrik…even kalau letrik kat Malaysia ni free pon aku xakan beli gak kereta letrik buatan Malaysia..

errr..ko agak2 kalau ko bawak keta elektrik n stuck dlm banjir kt tgh KL, leh kena electric 😯 x?

Bang, aku rasa kalau dia boleh jual kereta tu, confirm dia dah pikir hal battery mati tengah jalan kot…And electricity is definitely greener than petroleum…and abt the old houses wiring, i think they target urban market first la…high density residential pulak, i dont think all 200 hse in one condo will buy each one elect car…

electric cars will give another alternative to the petroleum car. Probably not so effecient in energy consumption, but definitely greener.

Will give that a try tho.

aku rasa tak sesuai guna kereta elektrik di malaysia. sbb rakyat malaysia punya kecenderungan untuk letak muatan lebih dlm kereta mereka.

beban lebih kuasa lebih, maka kuasa elektrik akan cepat habis. point pertama kau akan jadi kenyataan. sangkut di tgh2 trafik jem 😯

I don’t see how greener can the electric car be. As well all know, Malaysia’s power grid is still hugely powered by the burning of fossil fuels and thus using electricity to power the car (channeled from the grid) and burning fuel doesn’t make a lot of difference when it comes to the green sense.

Given the lack of proper infrastructure in many homes in Malaysia, not every family can charge a car (especially those living in condos as you’ve mentioned), electric car sounds more like an impossible dream to me.

In fact , a hybrid car will be better. Switching to greener fuels such as hydrogen and oxygen (which combines to give you water and heat when combusted in the engine) will be a better alternative – what the petrol kiosks really need to do is just set up specialised pumping stations for hybrid cars.

I like it when you get critical and objective! :up:

Okay lah tu..
Since our PM already planning to give free electricity charges to those who use below RM20..yaahh rite..who in the hell qualifies for these usage range? even i’m reducing the electrical usage in my home, the average i will get is RM40. Only those bangla’s & indon’s who only use fan and tv will have this advantages. Free electic for them – Non Malaysian! Great! :vangry:

By the way, Proton did do R&D about the hybrids.

But no idea when they going to launch it..maybe after all the world are looking into other different alternatives..i guess.. 😡

Personally, I’d prefer hydrogen car. They release steam (water) instead of carbon monoxide.

Correction Teddy, hybrid uses normal petrol. The battery charges and discharges to lighten the burden on the engine. Hence fuel saving. Unless you are talking about hydrogen car, then we need new kiosk for that. Now, who’ll roll out that plan?

aku cuma terpikir sesuatu. memang betul, kalau musim hujan, kita tak dapat solar energy dari matahari. tapi, ni pendapat aku la,

takkan la tenaga solar yang disimpan tu mampu bertahan untuk sehari je. sekurang kurangnya seminggu atau lebih kurang.

cuma pendapat aku.

kalau stuck dalam banjir, aku setuju yang sistem die akan rosak sepenuhnya.

tapi, aku cuma terpikir, adakah kereta ni bergantung pada elektrik sepenuhnya? kalau ya, aku tak rasa dia cukup bagus la. sebab pendapat aku, (ceh, gaya play safe ni), kalau die gabungkan minyak dan elektrik lebih bagus. contoh kata, kereta ni stuck tengah jam ke, bateri kong ke, sekurang kurangnya ada sedikit minyak tersimpan untuk gerakkan kereta tu.

makna kata, minyak sebagai spare kalau2 ada kecemasan.

true true. hehehe. well for people who want to use sauna and at the same time enjoying the view of the city. hahaha.

a lot of R & D had to be done if it is to be realised which i doubt will be done in the near future

i dunno la pasal this proton aku penah tgk program tv kat astro..keta elektrik nissan kot kalau x silap akan dikomersilkan pada 2012. dia guna bateri di mana 1 bateri mampu pergi 400-500km..kita nk charge, bukan angkot keta naik ke kondo..cuma bawak bateri tu je naik atas. kalau sangkut flood, beli 2..buat spare(menurut org nissan yg ckp dlm tv tu, harga keta/bateri tu berpatutan untuk semua org, bukan org kaya saja).

Proton dh buat car cmni..tahniah utk proton!

tp points ko mmg berasas .
cume, bab going greener ak rasa betul.
kalo guna petroleum lbh dasyat drp burning coal utk produce electricity.

sbb, walau ape care pun, mmg kita akan burn coal sbb electric mmg petroleum, kalo xguna dh, maknanya hilang satu punca pencemaran.

my concerns:

1. are these cars safe when we have to go thru flood ( remember 2006 ) or strike by lightening ? i kinda wonder what would happen ?

most of ur points r vry strong. i cant argue with that.

have you been to a charcoal mine before? It’s hazardous.

In case you missed my point of going green, anything that involves burning will contribute to global warming. More electric car, more load on power plant, more fossil to be burn. Hence in the last paragraph I said, hydrogen is the way to go, you’ll release steam or something enviromental friendly.

You got it right about the apartment dwellers. Where on earth are you going to find an apartment that provides a charging bay in Malaysia?

I’m not against electric cars at all in Malaysia, but in the end, if the right infrastructure is not put in (charging bays!), then it might even be cheaper to run a petrol car. Even in the long run.

If the main focus is on reducing fuel costs, traffic jams, and saving the environment, the only option is to ride a bicycle. Or a skateboard. Or rollerblades.
Honestly, I wouldn’t mind riding a bike to work if the roads were bike friendly. And if buses were bike friendly as well. And if it didn’t rain in Malaysia. And if it wasn’t so bloody humid. And if it didn’t mean that my gf would leave me for someone who drove. Wow, I just convinced myself that I hate bikes.

thank god it’s not only me he thought of this as the most idiotic move they’re gonna do. well at first saw it on the news and was like what were they thinking, in a country with such high priced electricity! seriously what’s the point?
and for many times I’ve mention that proton are developing backwards and here’s the proof, electric cars where made about a century ago around 1900s.
anyhows .. thnx for the nice post 🙂

Bro, if you own an electric car, and you are in a jam, and your car runs out of juice… thats too bad for you! The same can be said of a ‘normal’ car that runs on petrol!

Siapa suruh bawak kereta tak cukup minyak/bateri in the first place 😛

If case you missed the post script,

“ps: My argument today is from consumer’s point of view.”

Electric car is a lengthy topic. Honestly, I don’t like e-car, I prefer hydrogen or water based car.

American girl shouted at me after I rode my bike past her on the pedestrian walk:
“There’s a reason it’s called a sidewalk and not a sidebike”

I guess that’s as good as a F*U. 😛

electric car. Yes, I do think it’s a stupid idea. Well, maybe not that stupid, if it’s REALLY is possible to overcome all of those points you mentioned, except for the environment friendly factor. Says who that electricity from burning gas and charcoal doesn’t do damage to the environment? 😈

come on. that much money should be spent on developing hydrogen cars. I’ve been waiting for the local car manufacturers to start developing on one since I was… 12? and now, I’m seeing that they are planning to make e-car??? ❗

ps, I have this fantasy where people are switching to (or, better yet, all of them are already using) hydrogen cars by the time I’m 30, including me. and… coincidentally, that’s 2020! and the fantasy keeps playing in my mind everytime I see fumes spewed by vehicles.

I hope that the ‘fantasy’ will become a reality in the future, soon.

I’m with you bro.

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