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Projek Iqra – Mari Menaja Anak-anak Yatim

Salam to everyone.

When I was a kid, I was literally flooded with new raya cloth, biscuits, cash etc. I’m thankful to God I was born in a modest family. As I grew older, I realized, it’s not really about the amount of cloth you have, the newly painted house or furniture in your house. It’s about spreading love and affection to the less fortunate people.

I used to cry myself to sleep thinking about orphanage. No parent(s), no family, no attention, no money, just siblings, what kind of life would that be if I were in one? I stopped myself there.


In honor of this fasting month Ramadhan, a special program held by Projek Iqra plans to sponsor orphans. There are 3 ways you can contribute to these fortunate kids. (This is a repost from Kujie)

The First: The cost per child it would be RM 188. Some might think this is a hefty price to pay, it’s ok, you can always pay what ever amount you’d like (or remain anonymous). you can make direct payment to

NAMA AKAUN: PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN PROJEK IQRA’ SEMALAYSIA (jika isu cheque, jangan lupa tanda ‘ pada perkataan Iqra’)
NO AKAUN: 5648-1050-4003
NO TEL: 019-2175597 (SUHAIMI – Bendahari) / 017-274 8904 (Sharifah Sharina – Timbalan Pengerusi)

The Second: Those considering on joining the program can make your way to on the said date and help what needs helping.

  1. Pertubuhan Baitul Ehsan Al-Khairi (Kuala Lumpur) – 27 Julai 2013
  2. Rumah Anak Yatim At-Taqwa Putra Perdana, Puchong (Selangor) – 27 Julai 2013
  3. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Semarak, Nilai (Negeri Sembilan) – 27 Julai 2013
  4. Rumah Gemilang, Sik (Kedah) – 20 Julai 2013

The Third: Sharing this piece of information.

You can check out their website at Project Iqra or their facebook page Project Iqra. Act now as kids are limited!

ps: My life guru said, “imagine if God is stingy, you’d have limited air supply!”. Trust me, you wealth on earth is temporary, so use it to it’s fullest by donating.

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