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Problem with Windows XP SP3, FlyakiteOSX

Few days ago, I installed a software to remove my-thousand-fonts. Somehow, I slipped MS san serif and everything else falls apart. It looked like the end of world!

Did some googling, restore, upgrade. It still looked like minced roti canai. Last option, reformat.

Mac Skin

I’m not exactly fond of Apple lineups, but an avid fan of it’s interface.

Acthung! Geek at work, up ahead

Solution : Use FlyakiteOSX 3.5

Problem : It doesn’t work on Windows XP Service Pack 3.

In SP3 the uxtheme.dll (found in C:\Windows\System32) needs a patch.

  1. Download the patch from withinwindows and unzip
  2. Download “replacer” from, unzip and launch
  3. Backup the uxtheme.dll
  4. Drag the old uxtheme.dll into “replacer” and enter
  5. Drag the new uxtheme.dll into “replacer” and enter
  6. Install FlyakiteOSX!

windows-xp.jpg Before macosx.jpg After

Now, let’s get back to installing new software on an empty XP 😮

ps: Windows XP vs Mac? Nah.. too petty to argue.

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42 replies on “Problem with Windows XP SP3, FlyakiteOSX”

pun dah pernah guna dulu.. masa tergila2kan mac tapi x mampu nak beli.. sian kat aku.. kakaka….

then now, bila dah dekat 2 tahun guna vista, aku rasa lebih selesa….. rasa sayang dah nak tukar… vista the best walaupun dikatakan keluaran paling gagal dari Microsoft… hurmm.. lol ~ ➡

waseh. smart gile. tak penah guna. haha =P

benda tu dia boleh “lipat2” macam iklan kat tepi atas kanan ke? uhu. kalau gitu, haruslah dok main “lipat2” tak sudah. haha

typo:Achtung..or is it intended?/bahasa lain?

mmg tul..Windows ME plg mengarut..penah install kat pc lama kat umah..

jipo:masih xupdate2 vista sp1..takut. any experience anyone?

yup..but u misplaced the “h” and “t”..not Acthung but Achtung..nvm..minor mistake

ilang bookmark ke..hehe..benda tu nmpak kecik je tapi kalo dh tiap2 ari guna mmg tensen kalo ilang…penah ilang skali..sejak tu aku selalu buat “export bookmark”..

That’s why I’d only recommend FlyakiteOSX. Other theme seems a bit too much. Anyway, crashing would be a direct result of your system’s instability. But I do agree, that it takes up much resources.

huhu…dulu pernah try, skrang pakai windows classic jer..haha..ada gak yang ubuntu nyer theme tuk windows, hang dah try ker? BTW, awat tak guna hackintosh terus jer?

aku paling xtahan time pakai windows ME dulu. zaman tu orang pakai windows 95 pun ada lagik. windows 98 tu kira power n stabil dah. zaman tu USB baru je nk popular. huhuhu


The “patch” link above is for Win XP SP2 right?

How do you know which patch to download? There is SP3 RC1 and SP3 RC2.

Hmmmm… Am gonna try install Windows 7 this weekend. Wish me luck! 😛

Sekarang dah boleh pakai windows 7. better than xp and vista. saya dah cuba memang mantap. driver boleh install manual guna vista punya.

ps : aku masih lekat kat xp pro pack 3. laju gak. angan-angan apple jauh sangat.

Sorry to hear about the screwup, NH 😮 it must have sucked. But then again, a good thing is that your computer is starting afresh and you can (kinda forced to) re-organize your things.

When I was a WinXP user, I was totally crazy about changing the default XP skin into something different. I downloaded the Vista Transformation pack, and switched between Vista and Mac skins from time to time. I love the Apple-esque navigation bar that comes with the pack (and looks like the one you’ve downloaded has too!). I’ve never heard of the one you have installed, I’m gonna google to know more about it, heh.

Have a great Sunday!

So what are you on now Ted? Mac? Vista?

I’ve tried Vista, but I’d have to say, it’s the most pessimistic Operating System there is. Each time I install something, it’ll prompt, “are you sure you want to install?”. Or course I want to install, else why would I double click it?

How’s things down south? Great sale? I’ll be driving down there this June (I think).

Bro, speed internet ako lembab sgt. Ingat nak download Windows 7 dan try kat my pc. Tak dapat la jawabnya….

Boleh tak you copy satu untuk ako. Nanti ako bank in berapa harga. Rasanya tak jadi kesalahan sebab windows 7 nie pon masih trial version. Boleh ker?

Pls reply to my email….thanx

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