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In case you don’t know, “Ham~Sap” is a Cantonese term for pervert.Few days ago I got an unsolicited email from I have never subscribed to the site (using my main gmail account), somehow they got to me. Ok, this is spam. One line that captured me, “Pretty Girl Contest!“. (Yes, admittedly I am hamsap). So I clicked the link. It redirected me to had a go at it (since I’m there). I read a few comments, actually a lot. They’re all drooling! A word of advise, “Dude, you’re not gonna get laid by leaving lusty comments!“. As for the mechanism, anyone can upload a picture. You might want to have a look in case you’re featured, or friends, sisters, even your aunt!Here’s a few examples (of comment)

kinetix101 wrote at 10:20 on 27 Nov 2007 Also my type…date me please?

chunfooy wrote at 17:52 on 21 Nov 2007 sexy boobs

Littleboy84 wrote at 21:12 on 26 Nov 2007 i love this gal…..marry me ….

suzukidav wrote at 12:54 on 22 Nov 2007 She is ok but the teeth is not nice

Funny? Horny? or Corny? You don’t think I’m not gonna choose one, do you? Here goes.


I’m suggesting she’s a Lim Kok Wing student. Why?

  • Picture taken at Putrajaya, close to Uniten, MMU and Lim Kok Wing.
  • She has artistic hand, visible. Can also be fast-note-taking trade off.
  • Her necklace suggest she’s an art student.

*I could be wrong. Pic owner, if you need me to bring the picture down, email me your mobile number ;)As far as traffic is concerned, they’re link with and sent tonnes of unsolicited emails. It should be bad “good” for their business (selling girly lines). But having anyone to upload pictures and spam mails, you will only attract old fart perverts. After all, your target clients are girls right? Do you think your boyfriend/husband is gonna tell you about this site? Very unlikely (unless intentionally being naughty!). Just custom a plastic bag or paper bag. It does more good than attracting evils. On second thought, just leave to online advertising, save mother nature.

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20 replies on “ – Are You a Hamsap (PERVERT)?”

Posting your own pics in your website or your blog is your right la kan? Tak ke? I really disagree when you say that you don’t need a website to tell you’re pretty..
this is cheap publicity~!

Aiyoo. If you feel good, fun, enjoy and happy to do it, then just do it la. What’s wrong with it? What’s so wrong to feel good about yourself? If you wait for people to puji you then berjanggut la.. And I dont thing that people have a sincere heart to give a sincere complements to you.

I am so sorry if I sound harsh. 🙂

nono, linie meant “a website” = and not on your own blog or website. in this context both salah! nono kurang paham, ninie failed to explained “a website” in great detail.

tu la post lg pendek2. kan tak paham ape. em.. why the hell am i backing linie? oh yeah, i forgot, im the bad guy :p

Y’know I got the same anti-spam word macam your friend jugak. Which is “hugs” all in small letter la. Muahahahaha. Lucu gilerrrr… Tapi sounds comel. 🙂

I’m sorry Linie. I interpret it wrongly. Sorry Linie and I just realized that I spelled “think” jadi “thing”.. Bodoh giler eh? Eheheh..

well to avoid hearing ppl call u PERASAN, one needs a third party to
announce just how pretty they are kan. I’d say they have an issue w confidence.
I’d rather be called perasan than anxiously waiting on how much ppl wld rate me. 1 ke 10 ke? small this big this..

but then it is always fun to watch. ptt buat psl pretty boys pulak. *wink wink*

nono pun suke the hugs word. if i cld have my way, ed-ku mesti put the word COMEL whenever im submitting any comments. =p

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