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#PrayforMH370 or More?

It’s been 14 days since  flight MH370 went missing. It’s as if the whole world is trying to look for it. This is indeed a plausible joint effort by all, but the question is, is that all that we have to care about? No.

The plane is still considered safe until debris are found. This means 239 people are still alive until proven otherwise. This may be insensitive, but why are trying so hard to manage perception of the foreigners? Why are we allocating a lot of resources to find a missing plane? Why continue looking for the missing 239 people when 50 accidents daily on the way to work/home?

50 dies daily

Harian Metro – 15 Mac 2014

Now if 50 happens daily, then within the span of 2 weeks, 700 cases has been reported.

So, is the government trying to tell me, that 239 people (local + foreign) is more valuable than 700 of our own? Can this 700 accidents be prevented? Maybe not, but we can reduce it. We can actually study why our roads are lousy (not as spec), bumpy (poor workmanship), incompetent drivers (retrain everyone) and it goes a long way.

Personally, I think Malaysian are so obsessed with misfortune. Anytime of day, no matter where, when there’s a road accident, there’s bound to be slow drive by just to get a glimpse of the dismembered body parts and this causes massive traffic jam.

We pray for MH370 safety, perhaps we should also pray for these 5o accidents daily should never happen in the first place. So pray more.

ps: I mean no disrespect to the 239 families involved. While I do understand you are mourning, this does mean the 50 other families daily safety should be taken for granted.

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