Pontianak on the Loose, Cyberjaya

I guess the lost caucassian kid I posted the other day didn’t scare you that much. Some still doubt it’s authenticity. I don’t blame you. It does look a bit awkward.


This photo was captured in Cyberjaya. The road next to the building leads to Dengkil. Those who’re familiar may know the name of the building. I don’t wish to name it. It could be your office.

Anyway, being NH, I can’t refrain myself from giving you goosebumps   😆

Why So Serious?

She reminds me of Joker and his catch phrase,‘why so serious?’ Don’t you see the resemblance?

Anyway, for those who doubt the authenticity, here’s the image (600 kb).

On other note, I’m actually losing my mind after writing a 21-page-manual. It’s so frustrating and exhausting. I don’t even feel like blogging at all. But here I am, updating my blog with a some ghostly image 3 am.

Shit, I’m getting goosebump. Night people. 45-pages to go!


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  1. ahha..ini email sudah lama…aku pernah dapat gak email ni..so aku leh spot kat mana entiti itu berada…hehe..tp siang2 tuh.. 😆

  2. memang email lame pon 🙄

    ps: mmg lumrah ko potong setim ek? ade aku cincang kawan aku ni..

  3. haha…yer la..aku delete la aku nyer comment…sob sob sob… 🙁

  4. monyet ko, mane bole delete! simpan laa buat kenangan.. wey, bile nak lebam? cite hangit politic sepam 2 pam ok gak

  5. itu la pasal nyer…bulan ni aku xkuar pegi memana pon lg..dok melebam kat umah jer..weekend ni ok ke? adik aku nk dtg KL n nak guna keta..sabtu malam ahad aku ada la transport … 😕

  6. Bro, I think your website has been hacked!!!

  7. 😯 siang-siang pun ade ek? 🙄 makin ganas hantu zaman sekarang.. wuhuuu~ sejuk~ (depan kipas, level 3) hehehe 😆

  8. i ingat u capture your own.. this is my doubt pasal the pic.. selalu orang buat joke pasal gambar hantu.. this is the same gambar hantu yang dorang selalu sangat guna dalam joke2 tu..

    itu la 1st impression bila tengok this pic..

  9. Hantu nak carik glamer la tu. sesiang hari berani menampilkan diri utk tatapan umum, kompem giler glamer. haa tak pun malam tadi tak jumpa jalan balik, tu yg rembat memana port nak lepak tu.. huhuh

  10. You’re putting on your blog at 3 am and getting goosebumps yourself… serve you right! 😛 Luckily aku tengok gambar ni in the office… taklah seram sangat :up:

  11. hehhehe..
    ksian pompuan(ker lelaki?) yg kena mnyamar jadi hantu nih..
    ptt panggil that ghost hunters people la..wat do they call theselves huh? owh yeah, seekers..
    damn it..it does give me goosebumps..

  12. Dia agoraphobia gamaknya. Malam sket baru keluar kot.

  13. ghost sightings on pictures….hm, doubtful.but who knows.some things a better left as mysteries better than unearthed to be your nightmare and torment.

  14. adek aku tunang la weekend ni.

  15. could be, could be not. But I’ve heard Cyberjaya used to be ladang kelapa. It was also a place to buang hantu.

  16. saje nak glamor,.. mungkin jugak!

  17. are you saying, padan muke kau eddie?

  18. pontianak are usually nocturnal. this one, made me wonder a thousand thoughts

  19. owh!! really? No wonder la.. sudah jadi hunted office!!!

  20. Yup! Nak takutkan orang.. sendiri pun seram kan? 😛 So… padan muke la… hehehehe

  21. i penah dapat forwarded email pasal pontianak ni.. it was 2 years ago x silap..

    kenapa banyak cerita hantu lately?

  22. adik ko tunang pukul 12 tgh malam ke? jejejejeje

  23. hehehe. Ghost Buster. Hmm if there is such jobs i love to take it. hehehehe. can play around with slimy. the ghost seem to know that someone is taking picture. ❗ weird

  24. saje seronok2 nono. Anticipating a bigger topic 😀

  25. be sure to wear diapers, you know, in case erm.. you don’t know where the toilet is 🙂

  26. unraveling mystery is part of my horoscope traits 😮

    unearthed lagi bagus, something to talk about 😎

  27. byk tepung dorg pakai tu hahaha.

    kau yang buat lawak, ko plak goosebumps. 😯

  28. I’ve seen that email so many times. It’s the building opposite mine in Century Square.

  29. I’ve received this more than twice, it’d be fun to have it up just for the sake of sharing 🙂

  30. ceist…kat melaka ke? jom kita lepak kat melaka jer la..ajak mache skali…

  31. I don’t dare to click the link. 😮

    Erk. Setiap kali masuk sini, buat org seram sejuk je la. Lepas nie dah takut nak masuk NH. Kena masuk time siang2 je. Hahaha.. 😛

  32. Very scary! I don’t know whether the photo is for real or is a fake (all thanks to photoshop or gimp) but then I would rather not know it 😀 some things are better not known! When I read the post title in my Google Reader the first thing I told myself yesterday night is that ‘read it tomorrow morning!’

    I couldn’t believe that ghosts can be roaming around in daylight. I assume it’s because the room she’s standing in is pitch dark?

    When I was a kid, I was very afraid of ghosts and my uncle told me this interesting theory – ghosts are supposed to be invisible to humans and there are only two conditions when they’ll be visible. You have either made them angry (or did something wrong) or they suddenly lose their power. If you’ve done nothing wrong, then the ghost should be more afraid of me and my uncle likened it to a scenaria where you suddenly realised you’re stark naked in public 😀 haha!

  33. dude, why wear white robe and put up a wig to scare people.. tobat dah lah woi! 😛

  34. bro….
    that building you said are Satyam, owned by Errickon Malaysia… 😀

  35. erk!? in a daylight!? seram juga klu betul uhuhu

  36. nampak fake je beb. main reason is that the window panes are reflective yet tempat cik pon tuh x reflective plak dah, and can see it plain as day. not to mention that its a very generic pic of a pontianak lah kan. i’m not convinced with this pic.

  37. jom lepak rumah aku, kalau lucky leh dgr org ngilai. hehehe

  38. takpe lah, i dont seek bendalah nih. morbid though my fascination with it, i prefer to be fascinated at a distance, hehe.

    last nite aku pon gi tgk susuk dah, layan midnite kat galaxy ampang..xde org, best best

  39. hehe. macam penah nampak.. 😎

  40. Oi jo. Sape la editor asal gambar tu kan.
    Nak main2 lak letak minah rempit tu.
    Kalau korang nak tahu, hantu yang sebenar tu ha, dalam van. Hahahah.

    * btw setan/jin bole menjelma bila2 masa tak kira siang / malam. 🙂

  41. I received this photo by MMS from a friend longtime ago… IS that true? I don’t believe such thing can appear in day time…

  42. cyberjaya mmg banyak hantu pon.. now wonder lor… kat limkokwing siap mak pon main turun naik tangga lagi bila malam.. turun tangga gaya slide lagi.. hahaha… damn!

  43. owh. someone’s giving credit to my blog eh? anyway, that was loooong ago that i wrote that entry. have fun reading it.

    bout the ghost picture, i prefer to say it’s fake. sorry but no offense eh. 😀

    and about dengkil just next to hometown. lalala~

  44. Gambar ni tipu sebenarnya. Mungkin superimpose. Gambar hantu tu mcm dah pernah tengok sebelum ni… muka hantu yang sama tapi tempat lain… memang confirm superimpose.

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