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Polis Tembak Mati Budak 15 Tahun

A kid, 14 going 15 was shot dead while driving her sister’s Iswara near the vicinity of Seksyen 9 Shah Alam. The kid was suspected to be involved in a robbery. Open fire with no clear basis? PURE WTF man?

Polis Tembak Mati Budak 15 Tahun 1

This is not a Hollywood movie, where you aim and fire at will. This is real lives we’re talking about. There are ethics to open fire and I believe it can only be used when the police’s life was at stake. If one were to Visit this criminal lawyer in Perth, they’d know how liberal and audacious the police force has become, giving constant rise to police brutality.

Reading and watching videos of the news brought a sudden fear within me. What is the police interest? Was the police man fucking drunk? Was that 15 year old boy so fucking lethal that they had to brought him down? What was his mistake? No driving license?

Picture this, you’re on your way back home from teh tarik and all of a sudden, the police starts shooting at you. What would you do? You’d probably contemplate, to hit the police, speed up or stop. Most of us would probably stop. But for that boy’s case, he had no license, so I guess he sped off.

What ever it is, I hope the shooting police man gets a life sentence. It’s because bad seeds like him, the police force’s integrity is at jeopardy. Fucking retard!

Malaysiakini: Aminulrasyid or Malaysiakini.TV

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Let the justice decide.we cannot simple blame anybody about this thing because children nowadays quite naughty. Even 12 years old children can become a robbers nowadays. Perhaps he try to ‘langgar’ the police, then the police become wrath at that time and cannot think wise.

Almighty Knows Best

even scarier when the victim was friend of friend of my little sister.

what were they thinking. shah alam bukannya crime-prone area. sheesh.

i cud say 90% of the story that media feed us bout this whole incident was just shit.A 15 year old kid from a normal good family is a robber?WTF??parang panjang dalam kereta , ugh?’ANYONE’ cud have put it there to cover up. (im not pointing fingers but shit happens)

well, this whole thing happened near my home and i’ve heard the other side of the story,which i would definitely want to believe in. But, i juz cant deny the fact that at the end of the day, the ‘big bloody people’ will always be safe. Living their life as normal as possible.

ksian..mayb pngaruh hollywood n a lot of video-games recently has membentuk anak2 sekarang..

parents should wisely monitored their kids..

kes2 samun n ragut pun makin meningkat, n juvenile cases also…we should b aware.

the boy is just too small to be shot dead just like that.sigh, i wonder what makes the police man pulled off his trigger.

Oh yes we need to blame someone especially when it involves an innocent life here! The kid is 15 years old. Even if he’s convicted to a crime of robbery, he’d be addressed in a juvenile camp.

Read the news and go to the video link I’ve pointed out, no one ever mentioned about him trying to langgar anyone. He was chased.

I’m starting to question whether our police force (other than the SWAT equivalent) should be given a handgun or not. Kesian doh anak org mati katak je, pastu tuduh bukan2.

he only hit a tree. and he ran, and his two friends chased him with motorbikes. they went to an alley when the shooting started. according to a source, the friend who sat on the passenger’s seat had to grab the steering to control the car to side when the police shot his friend who was driving dead on the head.

imagine if your friend, or 15 y.o brother was shot in front of your eyes. I can’t imagine the friend’s trauma. and the family’s.

how big of an offense did he do to deserve being shot? he didn’t even hurt anyone. then again, no one deserves to be shot unless if clearly he’s attempting to murder someone. samun? parang? Where’s the proof. such a bad cover up. Like u said, how can we trust the cops with bad seeds like these? bodoh nak mampus.

I’m deeply angered by this case (and many similar cases that has happened before) – it’s time to re-construct PDRM, government has no choice in order to restore public confidence, some hard decisions need to be made

The incident happened in my neighbourhood, my family’s house is on the same street as Amin’s. Seksyen 11 btw not 9. Amin’s my brother’s junior & brother to my sister’s friend. Neighbours & friends know exactly what happened that night. I hope government will finally step up & take solid action on PDRM – police violence must be stopped immediately

i really think that the government should set up a school to train policemen from young age, means those wanting to be in the force, must attend that special school so they will be trained to be courteous yet excellent police when they grow up. the trend now is that SOME people choose to be in the force not because they really want to serve for the country, but merely because it only requires moderate qualification. and the best part is, in the end, they will get all the power and influence. just look at what had happened to that poor little boy..

Hey, I really like this idea. A special schools set up for people who intend to be policeman or other occupation with responsibility of protecting the nation

I think if army can have RMC, sports can have special sports school.. police should too aight

I had a junior years ago in university. He’s a son of an SB officer. All I can say is he’s as retard as his dad.

I just think that only retards shoot people, guilty or innocent.

You can’t kill anyone, except Jewish, without any clear justification.

Yep Mind, couldn’t agree more.. not all of them are bad.. but the few ones have been responsible for the bad image police is getting all these years

We cant control what the police would do. But the parents can question themselves on how the heck did their departed son could sneak out in the middle of the night, driving a car without a license in the 1st place. Things could have been avoided if they were more vigilant towards their siblings.

Blaming anyone else but yourself is convenient.

My parents are overprotective like HELL! But when I was a teenager & still living at my parents’, I often sneaked out of the house late at night while everyone was soundly asleep via the back door then jumped over the fence or crawled under the waste chamber to get outside. If I knew how to drive, I’d probably have sneaked out with my parents’ car too. Haha!

Anyway, what I heard as told by Amin’s sister – they had no idea how he could had move the car out of the house because it was parked in a position with very little space around it and there was also another car (no car keys) behind the Iswara. So somehow, someway, when it’s written by God to happen, it will happen

Bottom line is, this incident have displayed PDRM’s weak work ethics & insufficient training that once and for all need to be dealt with

I certainly blame him and the family for letting him go out at night, what more driving a car without license. But what I dont get is, why the head shot? Couldn’t the police aim for the tire and let him be tried in court?

We’re talking about an innocent life here and I feel it’s right to point fingers. But the family only demanded to clear his name from bad repo, as in penyamun/ perompak.

You are wrong to say, “we can’t control what the police would do”. They have SOP, they should follow it. Otherwise what’s the purpose of having it?

I don’t understand why everyone is making a hype on this police shooting case.The police was clearly acting out in self defense. They did all pre-cautionary actions like shooting the tyres first. Its not like he refused to give up and they just shot him in his head.

If it was a 40 year old man, will it make a difference?

well first of all, whether or not the deceased’s parents had allowed him to drive or not, he still had committed the crime of driving without a license. Let us not forget that.

coming back to the facts of the case, he was out 2 am in the morning, driving suspiciously and when the police told him to stop he did not. instead, he sped off trying to get away. when he stopped, he reversed heading to the direction of the police officers.

put your shoes in the policeman’s shoes.

at 2am (of which numerous serious criminals are apprehended), you stop a suspicious car, who then refused to stop and sped off. as a policeman, what could be running in your head? maybe he has a dead body in the boot the car? maybe they have drugs inside it? maybe theres a kidnapped child inside the car?

let us not forget the past crimes. a recent one where the police found a dead body in a boot of a red proton saga, murdered by his friends who were driving it, at a road block. or numerous cases where they have found drugs in the vehicle.

so tell me now, how is a policeman supposed to know, with all these cases behind them, that the one driving the car is not one of criminals mentioned above?

and really, what are the chances of the car being driven by a 15 year old, 2 o clock in the morning ON A MONDAY NIGHT?

its not like they have shot him in order to kill him. What they did was just to stop him so that they could investigate.To make the car stop, the police let go of a few shots to the TYRES. but that didn’t work now did it?

The car the stopped at the side of the road whereby the deceased tried reversing his car onto the police.

now, a car can be used as a weapon. imagine reversing onto people, isnt that a threat? If u are standing still, and a car is reversing upon where you are heading, don’t you take that as a danger upon your body and life? upon a threat, the police force are entitled to defend themselves. it was 2 am, and the surroundings were dark. the bullet fired was with intention to stop Aminulrasyid from furthering his act.

it happened the bullet hit him and caused him death. If the police wanted to kill him (like what is stated by people all over), why not just aim at the head or body parts instead of the 10 warning shots and the shots at the tyres?

so now i see all around, justice for aminulrasyid, the PDRM is not doing their job, etc, . As a person, I offer my sincerest condolences to the family for the loss of a beloved one.

But i really don’t understand why everyone is making a hype out this, or even making this a political ploy. Because really, at the end of the day, he was a good kid who decided to turn bad on a wrong day.

Honestly, if this case was to be, that a man sped off from a 2 am roadblock, which was later turned into a high pursuit chase, of which he later on stopped and tried to reverse onto the police officers, and the police officers opened fire to defend themselves, one bullet hit the assailant and he died,

and later on they found out that he was a 40 year old rapist cum murderer,

why would no one make a hype that they opened fire?

Reversed? Don’t take the official statement seriously. He never did reversed. He was already dead by then. The surrounding area is not dark at all. It’s very well lighted. It only took them one turn/ 2 short straight roads to bring the kid to ground.

Police force has Standard Operating Procedure. If they were on high speed pursuit, they need to call for back up. Most of the time, it’s chasing until they ran of fuel. It’s all about stopping the car. No gun fire will be released.

Let’s not forget, Aminulrasyhid is 15 years old who has no licensed. One could only imagine he panicked when being chased.

Why has this turn into a political ploy? Who else can tickle the right belly if not the politician?

This is not the first time the police shoot at moving car. It happened to a 30 year old lady before. She was driving with friends (full load) and was shot. 5 bullets went in and she survived to tell the story and sue PDRM.

The biggest fuss around all this thing is, how can a police open fire at a suspicious vehicle? I go back home pretty late sometimes. I fear, one day I might get shot too.

Dude, firstly, mainstream media = not good of a resource for your rebuttals.

Secondly, your reply is even longer than NH’s post & any of our replies here, combined!

And you talk about, what was that again.. hype? overrating the issue? pffft.

the boy is 15, panicked, and he stopped and reversed trying to run over the police man? damn, how brave can that boy be in such situation? i know people can be out of control when they are panic, but then again, what’s the point of reversing when he can just speed off? maybe because of the shots huh? again, this clearly shows that the police had directly opened fire to stop the car from speeding off. why not opt for chasing first before thinking of using a gun?

just like what NoktahHitam said, just imagine you are driving late at night, u might as well be in the same situation like aminulrasyid and get shot too. that is scary.

we fear being attacked by criminals and bad people, now do we have to fear the police too?

Kesian budak tu kena tembak…tapi dah takdir, nak wat mcm mana? Bukan kita tentukan bila hidup & mati…Tuhan maha esa yang tahu & tentukan.

Dah tu, sebagai hamba Tuhan…kita kena buat baik hari2, jangan berdosa…kang2 silap haribulan mati kena tembak, langgar, sakit jantung…end up terseksa di neraka…sedarlah sebelum terlewat. Sembahyang la sebelum disembahyangkan…

Dear people up there
better, better , you all need to be scared and very very scare,. . .. for just being fifteen dont even have lisence, for going out at midnight,during school day, for didnt listen to parents advice if ever parents ever give advice to be obidient and he is not ,. . for didnt stop when police asked him to do so for taking over the police patrol car , for making the police to chase him for nearly 6 km down the road
for making police suspecting him as criminal ,for rammed innocent road user ! sooooo,…..boys he might be not criminal, but definitely he is not a hero dont ever copy what he did and
boys be afraid and be very2 afraid stay at home listen to your mum!

Tuduh yang bukan2 awak cakap?
tengoklah dulu apa yang berlaku ,jadi bila anak awak tipu awak takpe? bawa keta tanpa lesen takpe? esok nak sekolah pkl 2 pagi masih berpeleseran takpe ? kalau banyak orang tua kat malaysia macam nie ! rosaklah negara kita!
Awak tahukah kerja polis ? untuk mengawal keselamatan supaya kita boleh tidor nyenyak sementare mereka kerja tungkus lumus ,untuk mengawal keadaan tapi mereka manusia biasa juga you kena pikir bukan senang nak cam orang pada malam hari dengan keta dipandu laju pula potong keta polis ,bahwa dalam keta tuh budak kah atau bapak budak pikia lah dulu sebelum tuduh polis tuh jahat ,memang I pun tahu there always bad apple in anything

Just dont make mistakes you will be safe dear!
if ask to stop just stop ,just follow the rule end regulation. be obedient citizen, is is not so difficult those rule and law and regulation for us too ! so that we can live in our comfortable space, and save we can lead our life normally without any fear, I have been driving for the past 30 years night and day north south, south north, east west and west east thanks Allah up to these day I have been safe and uncountable help that police man had given me , I made small mistakes I am just human the police I met, either they just summons me or let me go
with warning ,never in my experiences that police provoke me ,just admit our mistake and say sorry and try not do it again next time it is make every bodies job easier ,and we can reach home safely with smile so those poor policeman , but be afraid for those wayward policeman all eyes now focusing to you ! you are now in lime light but in negative way ,be realize what mistake that you have done repent,….repent,…. asked for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart before it is too late,…….

Well the police force is also under political influence dont U think so…let’s see what Hishamuddin going to do about this police.

Bukan nak tuduh, tapi polis tu memang buta hati. Kalau gian sangat nak menembak atau membunuh orang agak-agak ler. Ni kesalahan tergesel kereta dan memandu tanpa lesen. Dah tu polis yang bunuh tu lak buat statement macam tak betul je…mentang-mentang budak tu dah mati lepas tu yang hidup tu di belasah lak setengah mati…macam mana budak tu tak lari…nasib baik dia melarikan diri silap hari budak tu pun kena tembak juga sebab nak tutup mulut saksi…utama.

mati katak pe nye.eth bdk 2 salah he want to hit the police.of coz they have to protect themself.cube if la kan imagine bdk 2 xmati la.and dia hit the police i’m for sure no one will even care about what happened to the policeman.takde don’t simply judge if ur don’t even know anything. its not because parents i pity of them la.just wait for the judgement. Allah knows everything 🙂

don’t simply cakap police bodoh nak mampus.tanpa police yang jaga keamanan negara kite,belum tentu tido malanm u mind ur words ladies. and boleh ke u hidup tanpe police help? confirm tak bolehkan?so jage la mulut sikit.

iwani if u thing u are better then anyone else.want don’t u yang pegi jadi police.cakap lebih tapi xtau pape susah jugak 🙂

Jika di Pelastin , yahudi suka tembak budak ..di Malysia Polis suka tembak budak…bangsattt!

Kalau dulu-dulu..(tak tau bila nye dulu) mak-mak slalu ckp..nakal-nakal nanti polis tangkap.
Sekarang sudah ade ‘ungkapan’ baru. Keluar lah malam2 pagi2 buta,bawak kreta ke…motor ke, takde lesen…nanti polis tembak…mampos kau.
Bagus jugak polis tembak budak tu…keluar malam,bawak kreta takde lesen. Besok lusa siape tau langgar org mati. Muka nampak decent…tapi dah keluar pagi2 bawak kreta takda lesen baik keape…”sya ibu yg melahirkan nye,sya tau betape baik anak sya”…hai makcik,anak makcik 15thn kuar malam bawak kreta makcik tau kar? anyway Al-Fatihah ku sederkahkan….moga2 pekara seperti ini tak berulang…..amin

What he going to do about it? hahaha…wat he do best….sit…relak…shake leg…
No worries mate…sooner or late these case will ‘mati’ gitu je…

Well I’m not surprised….a boy been shot! Have you ever heard a Mongolia female model blown up into pieces by C4 bomb. Well I guessed cakap tak guna…tembak pun tak kene…kasi bomb sama dia….

Dah bagus kene tembak….kalau kene bomb macam model Mongolia tu…dengan member2 dia skali game boy..

simple tip: stop when u get shot (if u still alive) unless u r driving obama’s car.

the whole point: stop blaming, Allah made things for people to learn from. No illegal driving means no illegal shooting. Who’s at fault? 1st parent 2nd friend 3rd police’s policy maybe. (ala cam case fly la, kalo kantoi ngan rampa pastu kene rotan or buang koleq xyah la nak blame sape2)

Simple said because it didnt happen to one that i know but we need to accept the fact that it happened. Tp yg kes parang tu cam x logic la but not impossible.

Justice for all!

Arguments for both sides of the fence are very good PROVIDED the facts upon which you based that arguments are proven true. Masalahnye takde siape yg tahu for CERTAIN the facts of the case yet kan. So my advice, don’t argue too much on this, because it’s SUBJUDICE (sila check kamus undang2 utk maksud). Let it go tru proper legal channel first, then baru boleh banyak bunyi 🙂

Tapi, sangat2 lah tak patut cakap budak tu memang patut kene tembak bcz dia jahat keluar malam memandu takde lesen, bla bla bla. Itu sangat tak berperikemanusiaan. Alah, you all kecik2 dulu tak nakal ke. Jangan lah cakap budak nakal patut mati. Btw, pembetulan ye..memandu tanpa lesen is not a CRIMINAL act, it is a traffic offence, kalau kat court u tak kene charge di mahkamah jenayah yg usual, but the special traffic court.

Hi again Eddie! (I tgh bosan study for exam and Oxford tgh sejuk takleh tido)

tragic.but things happen..if u consider both,nobody wrong.except the dead theft still little.assuming he is the theft…nope,im staying with nobody wrong.things just happen

little kids should not drive unlicensed at night.
big policemen should not fire little kids for a petty mistake.

unlicensed driving is not heavy crime. the boy cannot even be described as a criminal..

al-fatihah to my dead second cousin.

bodohnye kau ni bckap x guna otak,x kena kat fmly kau kat btg hidung kau blh la ckap sesedap rasa,engkau dgn polis tu sama sama bangang siottt..benda nak jd x kira tmpat kau nak mampus pun xtau kat mana ntah2 kau mampus kena tembak ngan senapang gajah kot barula bersepai otak kau yang tak berakal tu..huhuhu

polis ni adakalanya bgus jgk coz bnyk gakla pjnyah yg diorang dah tangkap skaligus mgamankan skit malaysia ni,but ada gak polis yang x layak jd polis mentang2la diberi kuasa suka2 hati mak bapak dia je nak tjuk kuasa kdg2 bckap biadap lak tu mcm siallllll.

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