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PM: Minimum Wage in 6 Months

Read the Malay Mail, PM: Minimum wage to apply six months from gazette.

1. RM 4.33 per hour in Semenanjung, and RM 3.85 per hour in Sabah & Sarawak. Why are there disparities with Borneo people Najib? Different cost of living? Come on PM, that is the perks of working in rural areas.

2. All sectors excepts domestic worker e.g. maid, gardener and similar category. This is not minimum wage, this is the going rate for such job at the moment. However, Najib has noted that he is aware the desired salary would be RM 1.2k- 1.5k, but could not realised that as it may introduce chaos in job market.

3. 12 months exemption for micro entreprise, except professional firm like medical, legal, architect and engineering which have to roll out within 6 months. Makes sense.

For the rest of it, you can read it via the link above.


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