Petronas Deepavali 2008 Ads

I’m not trying to be KNizam here but this ad brought rain on my sunny day. Watch it!


To all my indian friends and readers, thank you for being a good Malaysian and Happy Deepavali.

To Balajoe, I’m still pretty much in love with this story you wrote 3 years ago. Happy Deepavali to you too. If I was part of the Petronas branding team, I’ll definitely pay you for the story and make advertisement out of it. The only problem is, getting a bas mini.

ps: Yes, I’m a sucker for warm stories and movies.

pss: If one thing Petronas is good at, it’ll be making TV commercials, no offense.

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. hohhoho….aku dh tgk iklan ni…tp aku rasa cam kurang kick sket la…cam ada kurang something somewhere…xpon aku yg kurang penghayatan kot ? 😕

  2. actor amatuer, kurang kick la. Tp ade aflin pon tak syok gak.

  3. hmmm..maybe la…aku rasa iklan deepavali plg best adalah iklan deepavali muthusamy karuppiah ! tros femes auntie tuh… 😆

  4. kelakar shit iklan tu. Tergelak sakan. Minachi dalam tu leh tahan lawa die.

  5. minachi ke? aku rasa cam semua chinese + malay jer dalam tuh..xperasan lak aku ada kalau btol…mmg kalah la kavitha sidhu… 😀

  6. Aku rase la.

    ps: Kavita Sidhu not my type. AishawaArghMcmManeNakEje pon bukan taste aku.

  7. anyway…kavitha sidhu is hot…but she’s not my type..meaning she’s not our type but she’s still hot from my opinion! :up:

  8. Ko tak leh kate die hot sbb gf ko bace blog aku gak 😮

    ps: nak play safe plak

  9. the hell…aku baru jer cakap kavitha sidhu is hot but she’s not our type..damn it…mana ada play safe duh… 😈 btol xmcik ?

  10. Harap2 Malaysia boleh berubah ke arah kejayaan tanpa sentimen perkauman..*sigh*..

  11. nice.. once, i wanted to be a pilot.. but ended as passenger now.. hahahaha.. 😀 🙂

  12. aku tgk iklan tu smalam
    rasa cam tak best pun

    ape significant nye time budak tu dah besar pegi panggil bapak dia pastu kena halau?
    tidak ku phm~

  13. Ha ha.Noktah Hitam – happy holidays to you too. Just hope Petronas reads your idea there and makes a short film for Merdeka (that would be interesting)

    My favourite deepavali Petronas ad is about a big brother who make sacrifices for the siblings ( although Muthusamy Karrupiah is far too funnier.

  14. nak cite kat bapak die, die accepted to pilot school. bapak die halau sbb igt die nak jemput bapak die balik, just like the old days (or awal2 story tu)

  15. NH, too bad i can’t watch it lah
    how i hate internet kat usm nih

  16. Yerp.. too bad internet kat USM ni x allow youtube on the day.. Masuk 12 tgh malam baru boleh access… Tapi Fraking slow..!! Btw.. Any type of proxy will be block.. So.. Sorry Imam Khalid.. Ur link is useless to us.. No offense..

  17. Eddie… I’ve read BJ’s entry: Racism in Malaysia. Suka jugak cerita yang dia tulis. Honest, and very inspiring.. :up:
    .. and terkena batang hidung sendiri jugak pasal belajar tu.. huhu

  18. I watched this advert that day, I must say it is quite an advert to watch. Yasmin Ahmad is good at this. Ehem, you are not entirely right, the only thing Petronas good at is finding the right director for its advertisements. Petronas adverts normally very long, wonder how much it costs.. Well, with deep pocket, it’s easy heh? But after a while, watching Yasmin’s adverts, it is kinda predictable which is not good in *her line of business 😀

    ps: I love balajoe’s blog as well. He writes kick-ass stories.. and entries. :up: :up: :up:

  19. I want to learn PHP, MySQL too 😀 😀 😀

  20. owh owh this is pretty good~! but lakonan tak bape berkesanlah..jd nani tak rainy mcm enche’ noktahhitam. =)

    ps: shishio rocks~!!

  21. 😥 korang kena hayati maksud dia, bukan aku jiwang, tapi aku rasa dia touching jugak cuma kurang ‘kick’ je. Petronas should look into the idea, good NH..

  22. Balajoe will be damn happy today, sure get many hits on that post.

  23. yeah, bad acting. The way I see it, they want normal people to participate. I think Balajoe’s entry should be turned into a Petronas Ads.

  24. dorg tanak Good Actors. Nak biase2 je.

  25. funny thing about Petronas’s advertisement, they promote NO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, but in truth, they’re HR practices it. Im not supposed to be saying it .. opss 😮 😯

  26. aku suka iklan ni… masa starting tu rasa “ek elehhh” kat bos si macha… pasal boleh beli sayap jer… heheh

  27. hehehe.. boss die agak keras skit. Sebenarnye boss die nye tone salah.

    The underlying part is, “No matter how hard you work, you can never afford a plane, might as well you spend most of your time with your kid!”

    It is hard to grasp that part.

  28. Insigtful I must say…Rarely watch the tv recently, hehe.. =P Thanks

  29. Go!! make him proud..

  30. OOO.. macam tu eyk. 🙄
    tapi saffa tak suka sangat iklan kali ni.

  31. Bos dia lagi pikir jauh dari dia.. He said, “The most u can buy, only two wings”

    ps : maksud bos dia, dia cuma boleh buat anak dia berjaya jadi pilot la..

  32. Everybody can be pilot, but not everybody can be Air Traffic Controller..

    note: ada exam ATC plak dr SPA..

  33. Huhu… tp sbb pilot lebih popular.. iklan ni senang la nak paham… nasib xder iklan angkasawan… Ada gamba Pak Lah.. ckp kat ayah Dr Syed.. I gave your son wing.. hehe..

  34. “If you work overtime your whole life also, the most you can afford is the Wing-lah”..

    Mano dio cakap two wings pulok?

  35. Everybody can become anything they want, but the question is, will they be good at it?

  36. ooo camtu
    baru paham~ haha

  37. Adeh.. aku silap dgor ke??

  38. I’m agreed on that..oops supposed not saying it too.. 😯 😛

  39. maksud dia jgn keje overtime, bukak bisnes sendiri yang kaya diri sendiri jugak nnti..hehe

  40. Correction, it’s “I agree.”

  41. try UltraSurf.

  42. i don’t have my resume with me right now. i’ll write a new one tonight, kalau sempat (ada deadline keje nak kerjar malam ni 😥 ).

  43. aku dah forward kan resume lame ko. apesal dgn phone ko? aku call ko tak angkat ? Ke rosak?

  44. semuaaaa proxy avoidance site dia block except for https proxy tp muvi/clip takmo load lah 😐
    the only thing that works is freegate but klu guna nnt i dpt byk binatang ternakan
    btw health campus usm still block youtube eventho alrdy midnight
    kena tunggu weekend lah~
    still, it’s soooo damn slow

  45. apa pun… cerita ni tetap buat aku mengalir air mata 😥

  46. a’ah. ad yg ni x cukup kick la. but better from ad petronas for raya arituh rasenye.

  47. weh..xkn aku nk marah yam sb dia kata kavitha sidhu hot..
    xmarah pun wey..
    kata la sape pun hot aku xkisah..

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