Perginya Seorang Isteri

Takziah diucapkan kepada Abil. Tabahkan diri.

Perginya Seorang Isteri 1

Sebenarnya my deary wife has told me about the blog (abil4fauziah), or at least it has been circulated on my timeline numerous time but I choose to ignore. Not because I am ignorant or cold hearted, I just couldn’t bear heart stopping stories like these. The best way to describe is dreaming of being hit by a bus, it woke me up and I never want to go back to sleep.

As I quickly ran through some of Abil’s previous posts, I could feel his sadness and hollowness. I had to force myself to stopped once in a while and looked at my sleeping wife just to bring me back to ground. I ask myself, would I do the same?

My friend Abil, chin up and I’m sorry for your loss. Be strong as you have always been. I pray nothing but happiness for you. I pray that God would ease the burden placed on you. I pray that someday, you will meet Gee again in Jannah. Amin.

Quicky: Abil took care of his wife, Gee for almost 2 years whom went into comma due to a tragic asthma attack. His blog encompasses his daily emotion, activities and updates on Gee’s condition.

My answer? Yes. I would do the same.

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5 replies on “Perginya Seorang Isteri”

Aku follow jugak blog tu.. Sedih kot baca entry2 dia tulis.. Akhirnya pergi jugak wife dia.. Mesti sedih sangat2 dah jaga selama tu tiba2 takde dah..

Semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang yg beriman dan bertakwa.. Amiinnn..

harap bro Abil sentiasa tabah..

macam menarik je untuk aku ikuti blog tu, siyes sejak keje. ssh ada masa nak baca blog dan menguruskan blog sendiri. apa-apa pun takziah buat saudara abil, semoga beliau tabah menghadapi dugaan ini. semoga beliau redha dengan pemergian arwah.

aku sokong….memang akan terjatuh la air mata jantan ni kalau baca blog dia…jadi baik baca kat rumah je…huhuhu

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