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Pergi Kerja Lambat

My office has this weird thing about timing, the time to clock is really up to you. I know once this guy who only clocks in once in two weeks and he’s supposed to be at least 50% desk bound. Anyway, that’s not what I want to write about.

Normally, I’d clock in at 10am, depending on how busy I am. Ten in the morning is a good average so we’ll stick to that. Most of the time, I’d either leave early or hang outside of the building, like Old Town or some place with Free Wifi.

I hate going to the office. They blocked all these social websites, Facebook, Youtube  and Twitter (the main ones). The Internet is super slow, average downloading speed is about 10kbps, and we’re amongst the biggest IT company in Malaysia. Since I’m on the Sales floor, it makes the environment even worst as most of them have meetings outside. Only a handful of Sales people are in.

Today, I was awaken by my dear wife, she told me the power is out and she had to work outside to finish her AutoCAD design.

As we were about to leave the house and had gotten things in car, we realized, we had an automatic gate and the backup battery went kaput years ago. We had to wait for hours and it certainly doesn’t help as the heat builds up internally.

I left the house around 2.30 pm after battling with iOS 5 upgrade. Seriously, Apple is one hell of a schemer or in my own words, a marketing prick. They promised all this user-friendliness in the end, they made a whole lot of mess. I guess I wasn’t strong enough to deter far from Apple’s stuff. And Apple isn’t the story I want to get into, at least in this post.

These past few weeks and until year end, I’ll be focusing a lot on next year’s strategy and catching up the latest Telco trends. Personally, it doesn’t really matter what time you clock in or out, as long as you deliver what you promised, that’s good enough. If achieved 12-folds from last year’s result, I doubt anyone has the audacity to tell you what to do.

I guess I’m better off as an Entrepreneur.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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ah sama je dgn IBM. tp kitorg heaven gila sbb fb youtube twitter semua benda la boleh bukak 24/7 muahahahha. xde nk clock in ke apa ikut bos la.ade certain tegas.bos aku ok. masuk kul bape(as long as dia tak perasan kalau tak malu sndri) . dlu aku sll balik awl.haha since car pool dgn adik aku ni jd pekerja baik pulakkk balik kul 6.kalau tak kul5 aku cabut.bak kata bos long as kerja siap i okay je.bos aku best.sekian.haha

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