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Perbaharui Lesen Memandu

I finally did mine today, though a wee late by a day. I renewed my driving license at the Pos Malaysia. It was the quickest painless process I went through.

You all know that starting from next year, the expiry of your license falls on your birthday. In some ways, I do think that’s a bad birthday present, but in many, it surely helps you to remember when your license will expire.

As far as I know, the charge incurred to renew your driving license is RM 30 per year. Since they need to contra the remaining days to your birthday, I was slapped with RM 70 plus for 2 years. Now my driving license will expire on my 31st birthday (Damn I’m old!), and that’s 2014. Long way to go.

Note: Did you know you can get locked up if your license expires?

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