Perabot Semua Ada

My eldest brother has been recently redeployed at HQ from Kelantan. He was given a quarters apartment. Over iftar, I asked my mom where is his new house?

So mom started to indicate me on the intrinsic ways to my brothers new home. I roughly have some idea where it’s located, but unsure the exact place. I bet Garmin can solve this guidance issue. My youngest brother than hijacked the conversation, wanting his share of thoughts about the new place.

Ewin tahu, rumah tu ade dua (2) perabot?”

I looked at him, filled with amazement and confusion. I asked again, “2 Perabot?”

A’ah.. 2 perabot!”

On second note, I started doubting my Malays, what is a perabot anyway? As I recall it’s furniture, you know, chairs, tables, dining sets, beds etc.

Bukan 2 perabot la, 2 seti!” mom ended my vigorously processing thoughts.

Adoi, perabot and seti, how can he be confused of the two words when he’s in Form 2? More over, why did I doubt myself? Cute, but he’s a teenager, so cute no longer fits the picture. But then again, who cares, he is my baby bro.

Imaging this sentence in Malay, “di bulan puasa, seronok juga kalau dapat baring atas PERABOT sambil menonton TV“. Can I pass SPM? Right, I don’t think so.

ps: Schools over, doesn’t mean I have to stop learning.

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15 replies on “Perabot Semua Ada”

ahahaha…satu kerja bagi aku untuk membuat carian maksud seti di DBP..

utk orang lain :
(séti) sj kerusi panjang dgn tempat duduk dan tempat sandar yg berkusyen, boleh diduduki dua orang atau lebih.

ye la..aku pun sebenarnya baru tau seti tu apa dalam 5-6 bulan lepas..tak tau kenapa dulu aku igt benda tu mesti ada kaitan dengan orang benggali..

Seti comes from the word “settee”, if I’m not mistaken. Its English for a small sofa, usually a dainty piece of furniture for sipping tea on. Its a very English thing I think. I hear that word here in the UK a lot amongst makcik-makcik yang dah retired and, well, sip tea all day.

Imagine that? Sipping tea on a settee. Very appropriate choice of name. Didn’t even register until I clicked Submit, heh.

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