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Pemandu Perasan Gile

Pemandu Perasan Gile 1

There I was, doing 90kmh taking my sweet time over taking cars on the fastest lane. Until I saw an Orange MyVi, I slowed down. There were 2 girls inside the car and I’m not sure they’re hot or not. It was dark and obviously I had to focus on driving.

The driver’s door wasn’t properly shut, so I honked them, worrying of their safety.

I honked again. Raising my hand, trying to get some attention. She looked at me and pretended she didn’t see me.

The third time I honked, she raised her hand as if refusing to communicate. WTF?

Eventhough I am driving a souped-up Gen2 with nasty looks and peeled paints, doesn’t mean I’m trying to get girls on the road! What more while driving! Obviously I know a better technique to get a girl’s number. Shessh. Perasan gile ok!

Down-shifted and sped back to chase the traffic.

It left me puzzled for minute there. Here I am, concerned about their safety while they tried hard to refuse my good-will gesture.

It’ll probably be too late to tell her, “I told you so”, when she’s thrown out of her car.

ps: I can imagine her telling her friends, someone is trying to woo her on the road. Ko igt ko abes comel la?

pss: That’s not my car, in case you’re wondering. Bad ass pipping exhaust, good design but fail air flow.

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asalnye nk tgk garmin, pastu terperangkap dekat gambar kete.. terus baca.. demm lawak…

ingat ko bawak kete ni pastu honk2 dia.. kalo aku pun cuak.. keh keh..

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