Pakcik Jaga Nepal

Pakcik Jaga Nepal 1

On normal working days, I’d park my car around the office compound. Almost all the time I was greeted by the friendly Nepal guards, “Morning Boss”.

To be reasonably humble, you can’t just reply with “Morning”. You must initiate a short conversation. The routine is, “Sudah makan?”. Their usual response is “Sudah” and followed by a smile that stretches from ear to ear. The same question echoes whether I got back from lunch or meeting, without fail, I’d ask the same question and get the usual reply.

Over the pass 4 weeks, it has become a muscle brain for them. Even without saying anything, they’d say “Sudah” and I’d smile in return.

Today I arrived early.

I locked my car and walked towards them. From afar, they raised their hand, much like saluting Hitler. As I passed them, I asked my routine question, only this time, with a slight of improvisation.

“Sudah BERAK?”

“Sudah”, he answered confidently with a huge grin.

“Bagus!” with my hand covering my mouth, I giggled my way up the slope. PWNED!

It took him a few seconds to digest. By then, I was already at the main entrance. He turned and shouted, “BOSS, SAYA BELUM BERAK” and we laughed horribly loud.

ps: The guys smoking outside the entrance was rather puzzled when the guard shouted those impolite words.

pss: Tomorrow, I’ll buy them lunch, to make up for me ridiculing him.

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nakal 😛

it reminds me of one occasion where the photographer replaced the usual, boring “say cheese” with “say berak” during photo session.

the expression captured in the photo = priceless! haha

haha…klakar giler.. Mungkin jawapan ‘Sudah’ tu sudah menjadi skema jawapan kepada beliau. keke..Mungkin esok, anda kena tanya soalan sudah mandi??haha..mungkin tak dapat jawapan lain…hehs..

aku gelak guling-guling dowh. sakit perut aku. haha. tak senonoh betul kau ni. si nepal tu plak lurus bendul pegi jawab kuat2.


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