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Pakatan Rakyat, The Sore Loser

Despite being sack by the Sultan, Nizar (now, former Perak MB) turned up to office and acted like nothing happened. But eventually, he was shooed away by the police.

Kuala Kangsar

Somewhat 10,000 Pakatan Rakyat supporters turned up at Kuala Kangsar to voice their frustration. FRU shot tear gases, but the public remained, wanting to engage in a hand-to-hand combat.

Rumour: Karpal Singh will sue Sultan Azlan Shah for allowing BN to rule Perak.

I know 53% of Perak-ians routed for Pakatan Rakyat in the last election, but BN snatched power ‘constitutionally’. It’s a legal and dirty move, but they executed fair and square. So just wait for the next election.

It’s like a Man Utd vs Chelsea game where Ronaldo dived, granted a penalty and won the match. Chelsea supporters outraged and blame the referee. In this case, Sultan is the referee.

We all know, Sultan Azlan Shah was the former Lord President. He is wise when it comes to law and sure isn’t spineless like Pak Lah (he played hockey for Malaysia and his 100m record at MCKK still stand!).

Seriously Pakatan Rakyat, don’t be a sore loser. It’s an eye sore to see a bunch of grown up sulking, what more display a childish quarrel. Retreat for now and come back when you have enough to bash BN.

Old Irish saying,  “A good retreat is better than a bad stand”

ps: I’m neither UMNO nor PKR, but I believe in good heart and deeds.

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yeah..i agree with you..even they play a bad game to take over the perak..but..if sultan have make a decision..i mean..bad decision to pakatan rakyat..they have to accept it no matter what happend right now is so..unbelievable..
to nizar….redha je la..berundur dan mengalah sahaje dgn keputusan rasmi sultan..
yeah..for me also..good retreat is better than bad stand…
pkr masih ade brape lg negeri dibawah mereka..jd..perbaiki la kelemahan yang ade..

i truly agree with you…although it’s dirty, but it’s still legal from my point of view and Sultan Azlan has already give a nod for it. For me personally, I think Sultan Azlan is a wise person and his wisdom on the issue can’t be questioned. But from all people, I would love PR to respect his decision on this because I think he has a trick to this decision, might not be for the outcome on the next few days but for longer period, say like the next GE. But it’s hard to perceive people’s view and perspective on this and I can truly say, after the events today in kuale, PR supporters have wasted Sultan Azlan’s plannings. :down: :down: :down:

i still wonder on all the other legal issues that PR MPs are touting about…. I’m no law-man, but it sure is suspicious eh when so many lawyers are giving out their 2 cents regarding the validity of the 2 (or was it 3) seats in the assembly.

Let the law take its course, I say.

PS: You just HAD to bring in ManUtd into the pic, eh? 😈

Dan kedai kopi seantero Tanah Malaysia bergegar dengan debat politik pra matang.

Seorang rakan mengulas, YB Nizar tidak setangkas MB Selangor, dalam aspek perbandingan nakhoda negeri taklukan PR

Bagi saya .. yang benar itu benar..yang salah itu salah

Jika dalam undang2 tubuh negeri jelas menyatakan prosedurnya .. Why want to use backdoor? Follow the procedure maaa … everybody happy[?] and satisfied[?]

[Keluhuran Perlembagaan? Yeah right :P]

btw … Ronaldo missed the penalty in the Champions League Final 2008.


“I know 53% of Perak-ians routed for Pakatan Rakyat in the last election, but BN snatched power ‘constitutionally’. It’s a legal and dirty move, but they executed fair and square.”

I do not agree bro. But I malas to explain panjang lebar already 🙂 It’s tiring. I’m going to nurse my kukujiao… 😛 😛

huu- nape Sultan Perak buat keputusan itu. itu yg menjadi persoalan ..sbb aku sgt hormat sultan aku itu- tapi keputusan nya kali ini benar2 buat aku kecewa. Keputusan yg dilakukan setelah Najib dtg jumpe Sultan Perak. apekah?
perkara yg terjadi di kuala kangsar sengaja diperbesarkan.
Election akan dtg ? huu- tambah kotor –
ahahha- pastu anda akan kata.. “biar saja lah”- tunggu election akan dtg kan! 😉

Karpal Singh’s presence is either for money or fame. Sometimes he raises issue which is obvious, similar as this; suing the Sultan when the Sultan is right in deciding the MBs based on the constitutional law.

Karpal singh memang kaki sibuk.

i think both governments have their own mistake but seriously, this time, PR is totally on the bad side..

er.. can i ask for your help about my blog.. just got hacked..

yeah PR should be prepare and come back when they ready..

as for karpal..’enough-enough’ lah.everyone he want to, sultan?

would malay people stand before their sultan and protect him?

😥 :I felt very sad when people don’t respect anymore to Sultan, especially among Malay. When Sultan made decision, we have to realize that He already consider all aspects include hidden things which we do not know. I’m very afraid our beloved state become a republic.

berundur tidak bererti kalah. berundur mengatur strategi orang kata. mungkin masanya untuk pakatan “kemas” kan langkah. ini hanya satu ujian. apa2 pun, yang benar tetap akan menang jua.

The chelsea supporter issss right. MAN U IS ALWAYS BE THE SUCKEST TEAM EVER LIVED. THEY PLAY DIRTY TRICKS AND the stupid manager, ferguson (the stupid) always blame the referee if they lost. But what can’t chelsea supporters blame the referee for once. And to be truth, if you all (MU SUPPORTERS) watch the playback (ronaldo the stupido) dived was really a fake and clearly biased made by the referee. THE END.

sabas kepada cina pulau pinang yang mana penyokong kuat Umno yang mengatakan pkr penipu janji tingal janji yang disiarkan dalam bulitin utama
dan berpakat lah pemberita tv3 2 untuk pembangkang,
kenapa kisah yang benar orang Asli tidak disiar melalui berita tv.3 pukul lapan malam,kenapa diselindungkan,
siar lah juga

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