Do You Like Your Name?

Abah: Amira, do you like your name? (Random question)

Amira: No.

Abah: What do we change it to?

Amira: Competition. Call me Competition.

**Nice. Tanya lagi soalan pelik.


Nasib Baik Tak Mati

This is the story of Amira.

She recently learned to poop on her own (without supervision).

Of course, being a careful (and arguably responsible) parent, I peeked. I wanted to see how she was doing.

Short legs, she has trouble getting on the toilet bowl. While trying to position herself, she almost slipped into the bowl, dipping her tiny bum.

But she did not. She sighs with relief.


ps: Thank you Amira for being random. Love you noodles.



Nasib Baik Tak Baik

Amira has this habit of sighing (in relief) when something was about to break but it didn’t. She went like this,

“Nasib baik tak baik”.

Totally hilarious when she does it. And sometime, she would correct herself.

“nasib baik, … baik”.

What she meant to say was, “nasib baik tak jatuh” or “tak pecah”.

Two days back, she was playing beyblade with me and said,

“Siapa menang, dia kalah”. And she won, which made her the loser. We played for 4-5 rounds, she won all the rounds. She got up and screamed at me, I don’t want to play with you. You keep winning! And walked out the room.

Here I am, dumbfounded. What a kid.

So basically, I need to win to lose? That’s too complex kiddo.

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