The Curse of Every Entreprenuer

I recently watched a video by Chris Do, the Futur titled “The Curse of Every Entrepreneur”.

The curse is; You are the craft. No one can replace you.

That’s true.

I swear I could complete the task before I could explain it to my team members. They’re not slow, they just don’t see the world the way I see it. For me, it’s always about two things, Speed and Efficiency.

I had this mentality for so long, that I could take on the world by myself. I was wrong.

The thing is, if I had to hire someone to do my work for me, they have to at least do 50% of my work, or at least 50% capable of what I’m doing. Because if they don’t, we’re gonna burn money faster than we can print it.

Some times it’s just disappointing to see how slow they progressed. But at the same time, rewarding when they start auto pilot and require lesser and lesser of my time.

The most important bit is to systemize my thought process. This way I dont have to form opinion, strategize, or even think. I just allow the team to think. My role would’ve been a lot easier.

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I almost forgot about this blog!

Boy I miss writing about things that doesnt matter at all.

Well, time has progressed, kids are getting bigger, they need more attention, business is getting more serious, microblogging (IG FB) is where I hang out most. (and I still dont understand twitter).

I hope this blog stay alive. Or at least give me some time to pen things down.

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Being the Boss

Being the boss doesn’t mean;

I get to yell at people,
I’m their master,
They (the staff) are my slave,
I can come late,
I can leave early,
I don’t have to care about them,
I can’t mingle with them,
I have to maintain my status as the boss,
most importantly,
It doesn’t mean I’m always right.

I’ve learned the hard way of being managed by my ex bosses. Some were pushy, some were to free, some were awesome, some became my friend and some are better forgotten.

I want to be the best boss they will every have. No matter where life takes them, I want to be remembered as someone who inspire others to be better. To realize their true potential.

Ok this turn out to be a management post.

Anyway, yesterday was the first time I paid my staff (besides Aisyah). It was a huge chunk of money. Rather than feeling awfully waste, I felt relieved that I could pay them.

Here’s to the better future. InsyaAllah.

In case you don’t know, I’m the boss web designing company at Laman7.

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