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Open Source CMS, For or Against?

If you happened to be a web developer, you’ll know what I mean.


There’s this big account that landed on my door step. They wanted me to redesign their Content Management System. The problem is, I have never used the CMS they mentioned.

Any laymen would see a 5 digit job a jack pot. Not me.

Here’s the problem.

  • I have to buy the CMS license in order to tap the design
  • It’s in ASP, a programming language I don’t speak often
  • I need to learn the workflow of the system, it take days
  • I am now a one man show company, no more full-time man power
  • I have bigger account to manage, my hands are tied behind my back
  • I have to deliver to them by 15th March 09

The best thing about selling your own CMS, is you know the system up-down-left-right and the customer is tied to you no matter what. Pretty convenient huh? Don’t take this the wrong way, but that’s how Chinese do business. Always have you on the hook.

Kind of like the cobbler, who’d tell you, only he knows how to repair your sole.

Back to the main question, should I take this oppurtunity to thicken my pocket? Or let it slip and stay complacent with my current state? Whichever way, I despise closed-source CMS, kinda like a closed mind, blind and ignorance.

Oh well. So much for being the web developer.

ps: Like always, back to work Ed. No dilly dally.

pss: In case you wonder the motive of this post, none. Just a personal rambling and a window to express uneasiness.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

27 replies on “Open Source CMS, For or Against?”

“The best thing about selling your own CMS, is you know the system up-down-left-right and the customer is tied to you no matter what.”

You pretty much said it yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

jangan amek ..
kalo sekadar nak buat theme sahaja takpe la kot
tapi kalo nk wat enhancement , tambah module .. baik xyah .. dah la masa yang agak singkat .

x caya tanya Salam . dia belajar gune silverstripe macam haram .. hahaha .. oh i hate ASP !

carik projek lain jerk bro ..

they should give u free license if they want u badly to redesign their cms.

just my thought .. shoot me if im wrong . keje leklok bro.

cerita pasal monyet dan kacang di dalam balang.

seekor monyet lapar terjumpa balang yang penuh kacang. lubang untuk mengambil kacang adalah kecil. lalu monyet masukkan tangan dan menggenggam kacang yang ada. dicubanya ambil sebanyak yang mungkin. lalu bila mahu keluarkan tangan, sudah tersekat.

jadi? moralnya?

Oh, closed source CMS…and in ASP? Hell…

Anyway if they offer u high payout of $$$, why not giving it a try? 15th March is about one month to go..

Well, it’s up to u to make the choice…u are quite a smart n brilliant guy ๐Ÿ˜€

Eddie, ini tiada kaitan dengan tajuk di atas.

“…this post, non.”
boleh ke “non” digunakan sebagai perkataan stand-alone? selalu kan ada sambungan macam “non-recognition”, “non-believer”.

[mari belajar tatabahasa inggeris ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]

ahaha..citer monyet dalam balang ye medea..well i on the other hand would like to remind u citer burung yang nk minum air dlm balang pulak.letak batu seketul2 okeh..baru bleh minum

why not u using free cms? it’s easier.. kalau closed source memang la susah skit sebab nak kena bayar.. tapi open source lagi bagus senang dan hebat. try joomla.

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