One Hell of News Flood in a Week!

I’m not going to write each one and try to gain traffic through SEO and shit, instead a short response would suffice.

Anwar Sex Tape – Make it public and let’s blind the kids with nudity! I don’t care who is at fault here, but must we discuss bedroom secrets more than our worrying economic growth? PM should intervene. Where is Rosmah? Didn’t she care about the kids education? Fucktards. The sex tape story will be on until Sarawak Election is over somewhere in April.

Charging Datuk Ts for Sex Tape – When I was in form 5, our rugby coach called us into his room, he wanted to discuss on strategies. Once his room was full (about 10-15 rugby boys), he played the tape. I seriously thought he’s going to show us some All Blacks moves, turns out a sex tape. Moral here, Datuk T DID NOT DISTRIBUTE, they only hosted the show! So I don’t think they can be charged just like our coach.

Americans Bombing Libya – *knocks Obama on the head* you should fucking know better than mess with lives you fucking cunt. Why would US wants to intervene a war between people and it’s leader? In the end the people will die. I guess Obama isn’t a Meleis to know, Gajah bergaduh, kancil mati tersepit.

Malaysia to Build Nuclear Plant – Tak payah, Bakun pon tak siap. Proton punya tingkap pon jatuh, ade hati nak buat nuclear plant. We’re not strict enough on regulations except issuing speeding tickets.

Bible in Malay – Buatlah, takpe. Tafsir Quran pon orang Melayu tak baca, inikan pula Injil. What makes you think meleis like to read? We only politic like UMNO & Perkasa and make sex videos.

Lady Gaga on Censored Lyrics – Hey plastic girl, take your CD and shove it up your Illuminati ass. Ok?

ps: Work avalanched, hence very little time to play with Aisyah and Azeem 🙁

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7 replies on “One Hell of News Flood in a Week!”

hahaha.tolong lah wahai semua menteri baca blog ni.biar sedar skit. muntah aku tiap kali tgk berita semua cerita scandal sex. bangang.

bakun tu dr zaman aku kanak2 smpai skrg tak siap2.pejadahnya tah.duit habis.nampak sgt makan duit.pft!
R&D proton mcm bullshit. ah cpt lah aku tkr kereta.taknk pakai proton

Why the sex vid for rugby game? Trying to surge adrenaline into the veins huh? Better than steroids maybe.ha ha

I feel you sis! Bad car maker. They make cars for profit, not to be actually used!

Bakun, well, they’ve down sized it and I’m not really sure who gets to run it, TNB or YTL? Whatever it is, it was built using Rakyat’s money.

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