On Hiatus

Everything good must come to an end. Likewise for bad.

I think it’s that time of year, to sit back and reevaluate what I wrote.

Lately most my writing hasn’t been reaching out well. When I write something, I want it to connect, between the reader and me. I don’t want to be ‘just another story teller’. If you don’t understand what I mean, nevermind.

Until then, I’m on hiatus (partially).

My condolonces to Aeropama. Looks like this part of his life has ended or whatever that has been “terbuku di dada” had been expressed. Good luck bro. And yeah, if you’re getting married, let me know. I’ll gladly be your escort service 😉

ps: No ps.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. good luck, for anything. 😎

  2. what happen if u r the one who getting married first ?
    I will gladly be ur escort

  3. me too 🙂

  4. Jaga diri… belajar rajin-rajin, solat jangan tinggal…

  5. Yes! I have noticed how your writings had tone down over the past weeks. But I was left asking the question to myself. Glad you notice too.

    And could it be because your ‘other’ blog screams ‘jiwang’?? Ahaa. Leave it to the rest to ponder. 🙄

  6. Me get married first? Malam masih mude. Relax la.

  7. You read my other blog? That’s like simple words put together to express my thoughts. Somehow became a poem. Spent 5-10 mins to write each on.

    I seriously don’t know what I’m lacking. I think I need to get out more often.

  8. Mesti. Tgh try install mac. Nanti berjaye aku post kt SK 😉

  9. Relax jap dari dunie blog. Byk nak tulis sebenarnye. Tp bile dah over productive, jadi tak best.

  10. hi there.. will surely miss your post…. 🙁 but, everybody deserve a break.

    so, enjoy your hiatus and be sure to come back with great writings 🙂

  11. Dude,

    I’m not getting married. However, if there is a girl who has guts to stare in my eyes and say this to me “Syam, let’s get married”, for sure I’ll marry her.

    ps: I have no passion on blogging anymore. I’m done.
    pss: My real life demanding full concentration. I have to obey…

  12. sama kes dengan CK. ha ha. all the best anyway 😎

  13. “flames to dust
    lovers to friends
    why do all good things come to an end?”

    err..it’s a song =D

  14. No laaa… I don’t even have the url to begin with! (Care to scribble down somewhere? Huhu.)

    You did mention somewhere that it’s a bit ‘jiwang’. So, I’m merely saying…

  15. semoga berjaya dan diberkati dlm hidup :up:

  16. alahai…sedih la plak..passion pada kamera la plak ke?

  17. 4 letters are from NOKTAH and its at wordpress.com, thats a big clue.

  18. Sure will ;)! Thanks for your support.

  19. rehat dulu, nanti tulis balik.

  20. calon untuk i ke u?

    if calon untuk i, is u,
    calon untuk u, is i.



    ps; aisyah semakin nakal 👿 😎

  21. yerp!

  22. Kalau dah terlalu pasif pun, lagi lah tak best (macam aku) :mrgreen:

  23. selamat ber’hiatus. over productive pun x best juga. agi peluang orang lain plak nak femes. asyik ko jek. haha.

  24. dua lelaki ini spt datang bulan saja….

    pernah pesan kat syam….nk ckp benda yg sama gak

    berundur selangkah dan kembali berlari ke hadapan dengan penuh semangat….

  25. Yeay, got more time for SK then, hehe.

  26. all support for u eddy

  27. ops.. eddie 😛

  28. Skang baru aku perasan yg watak Barney dlm How I Met Your Mother tu tiru ko, selalu sebut “awesome” (or ko tiru dia.. *wink* 😉 )

    is it summer in Msia? 😀 selamat berhiatus ye!, enjoy it,pegi bercuti or something…

    ps:teringin nk gosok2 kaki kat pasir pantai…rindu Msia *sigh*

  29. Good luck for whatever you wish to do while on hiatus mode. Come back whenever you feel like it. And if you don’t, well….all the best in just about everything. Take care!

  30. Lelaki tak datang bulan, lelaki datang matahari 😮

  31. jgn marah dahling… haha

  32. need to agree with syam. but i have no guts no betul2 stop.. keep on writing eddie, i’ll read it 😛

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