Old Boys Weekend 2009

BTdsaIt was that time of the year, Old Boys Weekend.

Old Boys Weekend 2009

Friday, I drove dad to Ipoh for his golf thingy and continued my way up to Kuala Kangsar. Along the way, I reminisced my journey back on the bus 9 years ago. It was dreadful and hot. I wished something would happen to the bus, and find myself back to KL. I never enjoyed my trip back to KK. Tide has changed, I couldn’t wait to get there except, it was still dreadful and hot.

I arrived at about 6pm. Ran along the booths and got myself a tshirt. Laksa came after that with Life4Hire and Callister.

2 hours later, I found myself surrounded by a group of older boys (easily doubles my age). I didn’t have much option, either talk to juniors (which I felt guilty for not remembering their names) or super seniors. The latter was much preferable.

We talk for about 4 hours (I listened intently most of the time) until Meba & Aneipe arrived. Quick supper and off to bed.

I couldn’t get any sleep. I blame my screwed sleep cycle, the uneasy dorm, spongy mattress and of course, the loud snores. How in the world I survived 5 years in a boarding school?

Saturday, I woke up at 3pm (LoL) and rushed to cendoi~ It’s still a bliss after all these years.

Time to shine! 430 pm, I was on the field warming up for a rugby match. It was a handicap game, Above 35 (age and waist) against Under 15 (age). I used to wear 36, somehow I shrunk to 29. Yes, I am qualified to wear that jersey.

I got my ass whopped by Wooer (57 year old), physically. I didn’t really see what happened, but I know Wooer headbutted my ass. It sores every time I’m seated.

We won 27 – 0. I scored a try under the post and a conversion.

Dinner was held at Medan Pelajar and the concert was pretty ok. It was a long day, everyone went to bed early (including me).

Sunday 9am, rugby kick off. We (old boys) lost the game. The last time old boys lost was back in 2000. The game ended with 12-15. I wanted to gear up, but I wasn’t fit enough. I’ll make my comeback next year.

Thought it wasn’t as exciting as it used to be, I sure did enjoy myself.

Big questions struck on the way back to KL, what’s old boys weekend all about? Why do MCKK get overly excited about it? How do I explain this to non MCKK?

It’s not about Pride, Passion or Tradition. It’s about reliving a 17 year old life. I’m sure you’d need that once a year.

ps: I shipped a parcel 2 weeks back, I’m glad it arrives. (will write about it) 😳

pss: Thanks Shayyum for the logo and keep up the good work! You looked restless.


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  1. ada singgah clifford x?

    lama x balik kuale…rindu~

  2. kenangan lama yg penuh sentimental value :up:

  3. mckk musuh tradisi neh…haha.

  4. Musuh atas padang je, luar padang, kawan2 la 😮 😆

  5. “Saturday, I woke up at 3pm (LoL) and rushed to cendoi~ It’s still a bliss after all these years.”

    tido mati nyer budak…aku kejut bukan nak bangun…kalau tak leh makan kat sood skali….plg takleh blah….tido pakai penutup mata… 😥 😥

  6. Hahaha! aku dah geleng2 kepale ckp aku tanak pg. Lagi mau kejut.

    Eye shade tu sbb aku kan vampire. Mane leh tahan cahaye matahari.

  7. baiklah out off topic jap..
    nape ek kalo dah tiap2 tahun tahu baju size S xcukup nape tahun ni x print lebih skit size S?
    musykil betul aku..kalo print lebih,xda la korang terkejar2 nk balik awal sb nk baju size S… 🙄

  8. Size M sgt ok sebenarnye.

    Dorg print 300 helai je. Saturday morning dah abes dah. Size S ade 30, semua budak2 beli.

    Tiap tahun mmg print 300 helai je. Next year aku try arrange print lagi byk2.

  9. size M ok?
    eh hari 2 bukan ko cari size S ke?

  10. M kire ok la. S sendat skit, tp aku lg suke sendat2. macam nangke busuk skit.

  11. Lor..
    mcm2 ar ko ni eddie..
    best ek pakai baju mcm nangke busuk skit?? 😛

  12. the logo’s cool.

    i hope my school’s alumni take a smart step to change the dull one.

  13. NH:
    mencelah jap. dah hantar tax?

  14. shayyum…
    ahaks…i know that “akak”….

  15. belom, e-filing macam tak bole je. Takpe, esok aku settle kan

  16. kau buat la tgh mlm ke, atau awal pagi.

    kalau kau buat tgh hari atau petang, mesti mcm jem je.
    tapi, sebenarnya sistem tu ok, lambat loading je.

    kena byk sabar la bro.

  17. my bro pegi. he said he saw u playing rugby. 😛

  18. Ade ade. Not sure if he had my pictures taken.

  19. tak pernah pergi ke Old Boys Weekend despite my home is only about 4km from the school 🙂

    Hopefully I can make it for next year for the 10th anniversary of our batch.

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