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Oi Sembab! Tepilah!

If you’re a Malaysian, I’m sure you’ve uttered the title before. I don’t know about you, but I hate Malaysian drivers. The mentality is, ‘hey, I paid my roadtax too so I should be entitled to drive however I wish’. On the contrary, that’s bullshit.

Oi Sembab! Tepilah! 1

Today was so bad, I literally have to blog about it.

I was doing 120 kmh on Duke. Yes that’s pretty fast but not really the fastest in the crowd, conti’s and wannabe’s drives faster. Anyway, while cruising on the far right lane, suddenly a bugger decided to change lane from middle to right at 70 kmh, he was trying to overtake a lorry. I slammed my brake as hard as I could. Smokes came flying out my wheels, a result of intense braking friction.

Knowing that I can’t avoid the collision if I continue braking, I immediately switched to the most left lane. Phewww, lucky nothing happened and nothing was on the left most lane. It doesn’t matter if the noob driver gave a signal to switch lane, signalling does not entitled him to do so. He should have known better as I was clocking faster than him.

I slowly crept side-by-side to the driver, lift a finger and continued with my pursuit.

Down the highway, another snobbish fella doing 80 kmh on the right lane when there’s no car on the middle and left lane. As I overtook the car, I saw the driver was on the phone. Bugger, use handsfree also cannot drive properly. This one pon kena finger jugak.

The last before I reached my destination another dumb fuck stupid fella on the road. This time it’s a motorist, doing 80 kmh the right lane. This one earned a honk and a finger. It did occurred, what if I someone ram him from behind?

Where on this planet can you find the most stupid driver in the world? Malaysia and you can’t argue with me.

Seriously, if you think you want to chill, or stick to the motto ‘better late than sorry’, keep on the left lane. People like you will cause traffic chaos and frustrations on top of earning a middle finger. I do not have any problem with slow drivers, I am too most of the time to conserve fuel. Just don’t block faster vehicles on the right lane.

I think I should come up with a bumper sticker saying;

Be smart la moron, KEEP LEFT.. behind

ps: Seriously, think about others when you drive.


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17 replies on “Oi Sembab! Tepilah!”

I dunno whether this is an uprising trend or not.. but the habit of changing habit without giving signal becomes more frequent.

I think I honked or have to avoid the morons 2-3 times per week. Finger not yet but maybe.

Gosh. Naik LRT je la, bro.

hey, come to india,
dey honk all the time + bwk moto/lembu tgh2 jalan + switch lane mcm cibai + msok junction mcm ‘kimma’
a really ‘exciting’ driving experience here

mine also face the same situation like you, how can a motorcycle with the speed below than 40km/h on the first lane, its look like a donkey on the F1 lane…LOL!!!

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