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Office View

Nana and KNizam posted their office view, I want to brag share as well.


Shady day, it was about to rain when I snapped this (using a camera phone)

You must think I’m bluffing. It’s ok, read on.


Like I said, it was about to rain. The ‘box’ on the right is the elevator. You can see AvenueK is still under construction.


I can see Isetan, Fitness First (treadmills and aerobics class), Jalan Ampang traffic and KLCC entrance.


Just in case you’re not convinced, here’s a picture of my foot on the table (bad habit!). Iqhbal used to drop by and sleep behind my chair.

Anyway, as the story goes, I’m not longer working with FOR my father. I don’t get this view anymore.

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17 replies on “Office View”

sebenarnya salah satu impian aku adalah bekerja di area KLCC dan di atas bgnn yg tggi.supaya dpt sll tgk view KL yg cantik.haih…

kenangan terindah dowh…kite antara orang yang bertanggungjawab menyiapkan office ini…hahaha…lepak ngan abang2 boyan tiap2 hari…hahaha…

hurmm~ i think this view is from my new office. this is because im working with his father now. haha~ very nice view indeed. soon when the new hotel came up. still under construction right now. then cant hardly see anythin after that.

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