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NuffNang Down or Bankrupt?

NuffNang Down!

And they still owe me RM205.41 (which I will use for NH tshirt cat’s food) :up: ❗

ps: Ok, NuffNang is up again.. pheeew! 🙄

pss: I wish I saved the print screen ➡

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

9 replies on “NuffNang Down or Bankrupt?”

Wow that’s scary! But it will be scarier if you happen to get this error on your blog, haha! I accidentally screwed up the .htaccess file when I shifted server a year back, and me, the owner of my blog, is prohibited access to the root directory 😯 I was like, OMG?! But in the end the problem got sorted out.

Anyway I don’t want to badmouth Nuffnang here, but I heard that there’s quite a lot of people giving up on it… for the server problem, I think it’s just a temporary bug or something. My site gets timeout from time to time, so much so that I actually have to resort to the primitive notepad to save my drafts before posting them 🙄

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