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Nuffnang Credit Card Design Competition

Nuffnang is hosting a youth credit card design competition. I decided to participate, wanting to brush up my designing skills.

Anyway the requirement was to its bear minimum, youth and with a target market of 18-25 years old. The challenge is how to design something that will attract subscription and ultimately creates usage.

First Draft

My first idea was to draw things that youth would buy with the card. The whole idea revolves around burning cash to satisfy their shopping lust.


Somehow, that felt too simple minded, shallow and demeaning. There’s no denying that they spend recklessly, but it is our obligation to educate them. Afterall, they are the future.

To me, making profit alone is boring. But making something beneficial for others while being profitable, is nobel. Something we really lack these days. Scrap the first idea.

Second Draft

This time around I decided to stick to the theme “Youth will lead our future”. All that I did was drew buildings and see where youth fits in.


The basis of the idea was good, sadly, I couldn’t come with up a good concept and drawings of these buildings will take me days. I don’t have time for that. Scrap this one.

Third Draft

This time I took a different approach. I decided to learn more about youth. In the early 2000s, youth were different compared to today. No youth from today can explain the dial up modem. Anyway, I googled top 10 youth trend for better understanding of todays’ boys and girls.

I was certainly getting somewhere with this. The top 5 trend is as listed.

  1. Social Network – facebook.
  2. Hang out – malls, mamak stall.
  3. Games – when ever they have a minute to spare.
  4. Sports – football, badminton is their favorite pass time
  5. Movies – especially super heroes.

Based on these trends, I was able to come out with interesting lessons that I believe is worth sharing.


Hi Resolution Image


1. One-ness in Community

As an adversed and spill over effect from social network, today we stand stronger as one. Long distance relationships connected. Lost friends can be found. Notification and event invites were sent out instantly. Most importantly, groups with similar interest can now share aspirations.  A lesson that is vital to our youth, we can’t stand on this world alone. This explains why there are multiple characters.

2. Diversity of Qualities

No one is the same. Everyone has their own style, qualities, background, dreams and vision. Through diversification of talents, we are able to develop a focused, creative and independent youth. Lesson to be learn, trust and recognize qualities in other people. This explains why every single character on the card is different.

3. Having Fun

The 8 Bit drawing not only symbolizes games, but also means, youth need to play more. Sure exams are important, but so is play. There’s no point in being academically smart but not street smart. Scientist has proven that games help youth be more creative.

4. Authority

Youth must respect the law. Hence the arrangement of the characters in grid-form. In life, it is important to be discipline, tough, respectful of authority and understanding the rules. Similar to sports, when the ball is out of line, its out. The grid area signifies, that everyone is as just as equally important as anyone else.

5. Malaysian First

The subtle colors incorporated in the design is the Jalur Gemilang, Malaysia’s National Flag. We have to remind ourselves, we are Malaysian first, then a Malay, or Chinese, India, Iban, Java etc. In doing so, we will stay dear to our country and fight for justice.

I had fun designing the youth credit card. I would like to thank Nuffnang for the awesome competition. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. All I care about is, whether our youth will shape a better future for the next generation.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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draft lain.. at the end jadi lain.. hahaha tapi semart gak beb. kalau aku muda muda.. memang padan kot. kalau nak merasa muda, boleh apply kad ni. hahaha…

tapi nampak kemas susun atur dia. cume warna avatar tu cam shriking sket. tu je la.. but ape ape pon.. semart..

Arghh.. Kenapa aku tak tau pasal benda ni??? Dah melepas nak join..

Btw, smart gak design kad ko buat.. Aku suka kaler dia.. Mesti susah giler nak buat.. Harap2 menang la.. Aamiinnn..

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